Teetering to Toddlerhood

Blythe is on the homestretch of babyhood. She is now 11 months old and she took her first steps yesterday. She is quickly transforming from a baby to a toddler, ready or not.

Blythe was standing at the coffee table holding the remote and she turned and took 4 steps towards Jason, luckily I was standing nearby so I caught the last 2!

It is amazing how far Blythe has come with her stability in the last week. Just 2 weeks ago Jason and I were making the comment that we didn't think Blythe was anywhere near walking and we would be surprised if she was walking by her birthday and now she has made those first steps. We shall see how long it takes her to master the art of walking.


Talking and Teething

Blythe now has several words in her vocabulary:

First Word: Ball (pronounced Dall)
2) All Done
3) Bye, Bye (Dye, Dye)
4) Uh-OH (pronounced UH and sometimes UH-AH)...still working on that one
- she says momma and dada as well

Blythe now has THREE 1/2 teeth. Her bottom 2 came in together yesterday and the second one on the top is oh so close...we can see it, we just can't feel it.



I spoke too soon. We noticed swelling and white on the top left hand side of Blythe's gums on Friday. The tooth looked like it would break though anyday and today is the day! Blythe has her first tooth!

She seemed to teeth pretty easy with this first one so lets hope this is a pattern that repeats.


10 and Toothless

Quick Update:
  • Blythe was 10 months old on June 27th (yes that means I have 2 months before the big bday!).

  • Blythe is still toothless

  • Blythe latest trick is showing her tongue on command

  • Blythe is starting to stand on her own and attempted to take her first step on Tuesday night, but didn't succeed

  • If you ask her to bring you a ball she will hunt around the living room till she finds one and bring it to you

  • Blythe is doing really well in the pool. She will go under and hold her breath. She will kick, but we are still working on the arm scoops!

Have a Great 4th of July Weekend!

10 month photos: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2773263&id=8316366&l=2748f5e8ba