On any given day I can look over my left shoulder and see an array of thing, cars, trucks, 18 wheelers, college kids on foot, bike, scooter, etc, but today, today I see big white snowflakes. It is just pouring with snow; snow in College Station, in February. The once brownish/green grass is quickly turning into a white blanket. The worst part is that my sweet little Blythe is not with me to enjoy this moment, to throw on a warm coat, a hat, and stand outside and just enjoy this rare moment. Its moments like these that make me yearn all the more to be a stay at home mom. Moments like this when I am missing out on a great ‘moment’ with my little one, stuck in an office, in front of a computer, but hey at least I have a really large window, right?

Here’s to hoping that the snow continues to fall long enough for me to pick up my sweet baby and enjoy the moment. Oh my neck and eyes hurt from straining to turn around, I think I will give into watching the snow and throw away these last 30 minutes at work, hey it’s not every day that you can sit and watch snow fall out your office window, now is it?


Got a few stories for you Ags!

The above picture is from the "Crazy Dinosaur" game that I bought IONS ago, I think were talking 3rd grade. Anyways I NEVER could get those darn dinosaurs to all line up correctly. I stumbled upon it when I was at my moms this past weekend and took it out. I played with it for about 10 minutes and then Jason took over, he counted up the dinosaurs, colors, etc. made a chart to figure out who could and couldn't go here and there...yada, yada...basically messed around with it for a few hours and then GAVE UP and put them back in the box. I came around a little bit later looking for those pesky dinosaurs and took them back out of the box. Then low and behold about 20 minutes later I had SOLVED the dinosaurs!!! Fortunately, no one was recording my victory dance, but let me assure you I was mighty proud that I had finally conquered the dinosaurs. Don't worry I numbered the back of them so I could feel victory again someday!

If you can't have snow on Christmas morning, why not Valentines day? And hey it was like Christmas because we celebrated Christmas with my dad and Blythe is sporting her new oh so cute Pink coat! I LOVE this coat so it better fit again next year :)

If you have spend anytime around Blythe lately you know she LOVES her baby dolls. Here is a picture of her contemplating what she should do to/with them next.

I thought I heard a little russle out of Blythe after nap time, but it got quiet again so I went to go get the diapers off the line, knowing Jason was inside and could collect her if she was really awake. I got back inside and still silence, then I heard some giggles. I went into her room to find THIS. Daddy taking over her crib. Silly daddy. She looks quite thrilled to have a bed mate though.

This is a picture where she proves to mommy that she knows the color yellow. We were at the park up the street and there is a yellow infant swing on one side of the park. Daddy was swinging on the big kid swings so she went over there. She wanted to get on the swing, but I said "no, you have to swing in the yellow swing," she quickly turned and walked a few swings down, pointed and said "wellow," I was thinking 'good guess kid,' so I looked down and saw there was another yellow swing so I said "no the other yellow swing," she promptly went to it! How could I NOT let her swing on the yellow swing? Watch out they are smarter than you think!


19 weeks

Last Friday we had our 'big' ultrasound and found out that the baby looks good and healthy! The measurements returned a due date of July 2nd which is just 1 day off from the original due date of July 1st so we will stick with July 1st as the 'official due date.' I have now officially gained weight, but only 2 pounds :). 2 pounds less at this point than I had gained with Blythe and this baby weighed 11oz at 19 weeks and Blythe weighed 9oz at 18 weeks. Just some little fun facts :). This time they gave us a DVD of the ultrasound so we got to show that to Blythe and Momo. This was the first time we mentioned to Blythe that mommy has a baby in her tummy.

My belly really popped out over the weekend, I am officially out of the 'beer gut' stage and onto the small round belly, but I can still button my pants :).

When I picked Blythe up from Lauren's house yesterday afternoon she felt warm, but wasn't acting like she felt bad so I left the potential fever alone knowing that if it doesn't bother them they recommend to leave it so it can fight off whatever it is that is causing it. She took a good 2 hour nap, but when she woke up I could tell she wasn't feeling 100%. She sat in my lap and ate a snack and played with her baby (Nilla) for about 45 minutes. Then she crawled in my lap and looked pathetic :(. I asked her if she wanted to lay her head down on mommies belly where the baby was and she did. I scratched her back and she quickly fell asleep. Cuddle time with Blythe is few and far between as she is always on the go and it's usually when she isn't feeling well, but the cuddling is nice. I couldn't help but think that these times are probably short lived, soon there will be a newborn taking up a lot of mommies cuddle time and I won't have 2 hours to sit on the couch and hold her while she sleep, someone else will want my attention. It was a very sweet moment and Jason got to enjoy some good cuddle time when he got home as well. When I left to go to work this morning Jason and Blythe were cuddled up on the couch watching Bambi. I hope this is just a cold and it goes away quickly.



Who would have ever guessed we would wait to wean till 17 months, certainly not me! We had a handful of struggles in the beginning and I can remember telling myself, I WILL make it to a year. I had planned to exclusively breastfeed for the first 6 months and then introduce solids, well little Ms. Blythe was NOT very interested in solids until about 10 months. Even at 10 months she still wasn't eating a very substantial amount of solids and we were planning to go to Ecuador in December so we decided we should keep breastfeeding as an option while in Ecuador. As soon as we returned I had a 3 day plan to wean her. I would remove one feeding every 3 days and we were down to about 4 feedings a day. While in Ecuador she had gone back to waking up in the middle of the night and that was the first feeding that she lost the night we got home (momma needed a full night of sleep)! That was an easy feat. The next feeding I decided to remove was the one before morning nap, especially since she only had about 3 days left of morning naps. Side Story:

[This semester she is staying with Oslo and his mom Lauren while I work. They have an excellent group of friends who get together M-F in the AM for a play date and learning time. I figured by 16 months Blythe was old enough to go without the morning nap and she would be distracted enough with all the kiddos to not miss it]

I wasn't sure how she would react to me putting her down without nursing her since that was our usual routine, but I knew she was capable of putting herself to sleep because when I am not there for nap (which is at least one nap a day) she is laid down in the crib and she goes to sleep. So I kissed her night night, laid her down, and to my amazement she went down without a fuss! Feeding #2 removed, check!

Three days later it was time to remove the afternoon feeding and again it wasn't a problem. 3 days later is when the 3 day plan lost a wheel. The next feeding to remove was either the morning feeding or the night feeding. Jason thought I should remove the night feeding last and I thought she was more attached to the morning feeding since as soon as I take her out of the crib in the morning she is asking for milk. A few days passed and we decided to remove the night feeding first and Jason came up with a bed time routine (books, gram crackers, milk (in a cup), and bed). I thought she might really reject Jason putting her to bed, but she did great. Now we were down to the morning feeding.

I have to admit that I was a bit attached to the morning feeding as well. Blythe is an early riser (6:30am) and I enjoy the 15-20 minute morning feeding/watching news before I have to really be awake. Its our quiet time together before the day really gets started. On Sunday Jason let me sleep in and I did not nurse Blythe so I decided this morning that I should continue the trend. When I got her out of bed she asked for milk like she normally does and I handed her a sippy cup with milk. I think she was more bothered by the fact that she went from her dark room to a kitchen with the lights on than she was to not be nursed. Hopefully tomorrow morning will go just as well.