My first born is 5!

She's sassy, shy, bossy, girly, rule following, loving, silly, and smart, all rolled into one perfect 5 year old!

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I have lots to share about Kindergarten, but that will have to wait for another day...stay tuned.

My wonderful grandma of 8 years sent me this sweet note - made my day!

Your feelings are so beautiful...and so part of Motherhood.  Yesterday Greg started kindergarten, and now, all of a sudden, next year he will turn 60.  In between there are so many incredible memories that I will never lose, nor want to discard.  So..welcome to this wild merry go round.  You are doing such a beautiful job, as is Jason, that is will go on forever. And Jericho will follow, and then Amelie, and who knows who else.  But your heart will grow and quiver and grow and quiver with each day.  And if you are blessed, some day will have grandchildren and great grandchildren to watch and be amazed by what you see.  And so I wish you, Mother of Blythe, Happy Birthday Mom.


My First Kindergartener

6:00am I am woken up by Jericho who is so excited about Kindergarten she somehow woke up an hour earlier than she normally does.  I threw her in the middle of the bed and told her I still had 15 minutes before the alarm went off.  That 15 minutes felt like only 2 minutes as the wind chimes signaled that dreaded first day was here and yes I was forced to get out of the bed before 7am.  I walked into Blythe's room, gave her a gentle tap and whispered, "It's time, the first day of Kindergarten has arrived."  She sat up bright eyed and bushy tailed and quickly went to the kitchen table for breakfast just like we had rehearsed.  She excitedly ate breakfast and remembered all the things she needed to do to get ready without being prompted!  Within 20 minutes she was ready to go and asking if it was time to load the car.  I told her I needed a few First Day of School Pictures by the front door before we left, and she obliged.  Everyone needed a first day of school picture with Blythe!

 photo IMG_2681_zps79b7cac5.jpg

  photo IMG_2684_zps7a5375c2.jpg

 photo IMG_2688_zpsd8c0d162.jpg

 photo IMG_2692_zps6c956992.jpg

 photo IMG_2696_zps229d1cc6.jpg

 photo IMG_2704_zpsa671b9b7.jpg

We took a little too much time taking pictures with Blythe and were in the car loaded and pulling out at 7:11am, crap..I wanted to leave by 7am.  If you know me, you know that the easiest way to instantly stress me out is to make me feel like I am going to be late.  I had to give myself a little pep talk "It's the first day, it is not worth stressing about, when you stress you get short and impatient and that is not the Mommy you want to be on the first day."  Luckily it worked and I went with the theory that they weren't going to mark us tardy on the first day and I didn't even know that we would technically be late.  We pulled up to the school just before 7:30.  Jason un-buckled Jericho and Blythe as I quickly changed Amelie out of her jammies and into a clean diaper, yes I took Amelie in on the first day in just a diaper because she wet through her clothes and I put her straight from the bed into the car seat.  As we were walking into the school building the first bell rang, signaling school would start in 10 minutes.  My heart was racing as we were walking at child's pace across the long lot and after saying hurry up, walk faster several times, I reminded myself, relax this is supposed to be an enjoyable moment, we will get there when we get there.  That worked for Blythe's pace, but I scooped Jericho up so we could walk beside Blythe.

  photo IMG_2712_zps25fa27c7.jpg

We had time for a quick picture in front of the classroom, and then we walked in and Mrs. Price greeted Blythe with, "Buenos Dias," and Blythe looked down shyly.  Mrs. Price showed Blythe were to hang her school bag and where to place her lunch box, then Blythe walked to her chair.  Just as I was snapping a quick picture of Blythe at her desk the final bell rang, signaling it was time for my departure.  I quickly told Blythe goodbye, that she would have so much fun, and I would see her soon.  As I was saying these words I got a little teary eyed, but no tears fell (YEAH ME).  I quickly kissed her and walked out of the classroom, I did a quick look back, but all I could see was the top of her head.  Somehow I put on my big girl panties that morning and managed to bid Blythe farewell on her first day of Kindergarten without shedding a tear.

 photo IMG_2713_zpsfc7f42bf.jpg

 photo IMG_2717_zps0b968482.jpg

 photo IMG_2720_zpsf118b9ef.jpg

 photo IMG_2723_zps5d677cf0.jpg

We kept ourselves busy with a run for mom, a morning nap for Amelie, gymnastics class for Jericho, lunch, then a quick afternoon nap before pick-up.  We were told that they would let the kids out early the first week of school so we arrived in plenty of time to be at the crosswalk when Blythe arrived.  Perhaps we arrived a little too early.  We expected Blythe to be at the crosswalk by 2:45, and at 2:50 we still weren't seeing any kids.  I began to get nervous and second guess my decision, what was I thinking having my Kindergartener walk to the crosswalk?  This was a horrible idea?  Luckily I had on sunglasses and I was able to wipe my tears before they fell below the shades.  Jericho kept asking me where Blythe was and why she wasn't here yet.  You could see worry on her precious face.  Suddenly the car lines started to move and there was a wave of big kids that came to the cross walk, then another wave, both the moms that were there when we arrived had already collected their children and had gone.  Tear my heart out and stomp on it.  Worst.  Feeling.  EVER!  Then finally in the distance I saw little people slowly walking down the sidewalk, and I spotted her!

  photo IMG_2728_zpsf9021189.jpg

 photo IMG_2730_zpsdb4c4321.jpg

My tears of worry and sadness quickly turned into tears of joy.  I couldn't get that girl in my arms fast enough and when I did I squeezed her and hugged her and kissed her, you would have thought I hadn't seen her in a year!  But I'm new at this, at this whole leave your kid for a full day, let them be independent, but I'll get better, in time.


Meet The Teacher

Blythe was very excited to meet the teacher and I wanted to be excited with her, but honestly, I was apprehensive.  I got a little teary eyed as we drove to the school, but no real tear shed. 

Blythe was paying close attention during the campus tour we had last April because she was able to lead Daddy straight to the Kindergartener wing.  I knew we were in one of two classrooms because there are only two dual language classes at this campus, what I didn't know was that the classroom lists were posted on the cafeteria window which was on the other side of the campus.  Luckily we poked our head into the first dual language room we came to and it was the right classroom.  First sigh of relief, we got the teacher I was secretly hoping for, mainly because she has been at this school and teaching for several years; where as, the other teacher was going to be new this year because they had enough Spanish speakers to need two dual language classes.  Mrs. Price greeted Blythe with a big smile and a warm hello, to which Blythe responded with her shy response of: tuck chin into left shoulder ihiding her shy smile while her eyes dart to the right side to take her in.  Blythe quickly found her name on the desk and headed to the back of the classroom to check it out...all the while Jericho was at her heels ready to do anything and everything Blythe did.  The girls were able to explore the classroom for a bit before the official meeting began. 

 photo IMG_2642_zps2298b1ba.jpg

My mommy heart was so happy to see her sitting on the carpet, taking in everything that Mrs. Price had to say.  I tried not to think about all the hours she would be spending on this carpet over the next year without me, but some times the brain has a mind of its own and wanders where it shouldn't.

  photo IMG_2643_zps3ac9d91e.jpg

 photo IMG_2652_zps8611de5a.jpg

 photo IMG_2654_zps51b32d52.jpg

Everything was going so well, I was beginning to feel more at ease, more in line with Blythe who was tickled pink to be starting school and couldn't wait for the first day to arrive...until the announcement of the drop off and pick-up options.  Mrs. Price announced that we will only be allowed to walk our children to the classroom door the first day, after that we can walk them to the gym through the first week, then no parents allowed inside the gate.  My honest reaction:  WHAT?? Is this a jail?  I can't walk my kid to school??  a gate, seriously?  I have to drop my baby off at the gym on the second day and just hope and pray she makes it to her classroom?  Then next week I have to drop her off behind the gate and hope she makes it to her classroom??  BREATH...  right about that time Jason turned to look at me and said "if we weren't doing the dual language thing, we would be bailing right about now," I nodded in agreement.

 photo IMG_2662_zpsb73c94e8.jpg

Then she get's to the pick-up options which are 1) drive through the line on street A 2) drive through the line on street B or 3) have your child walk to the community center catty corner from the school.  I took the advice of the mom sitting next to me and went with option 3 as she explained to me that the drive through lines are a mad house and you  can then only exit one direction.

 photo IMG_2664_zpsed4f67fc.jpg

My heart sunk as I filled out the obligatory: "How will your child be picked up on the first day and How will your child be picked up for the rest of the school year."  I was expecting to pick her up from her classroom or at least at the drive through place on foot where I could communicate with the teacher or her to me if needed..nope, that's old school apparently.  

 photo IMG_2675_zps62e09444.jpg

I can't say I left meet the teacher feeling excited and ready to go, but I can say that I was excited about Mrs. Price, I was excited there are only 17 kids in Blythe's class instead of the 23 I thought there might be, and I am excited that Blythe is excited and ready because it is all about her.

The first day is just around the corner...


A Hot Mess

I am a hot mess as I close this last Wednesday of summer and think about the meet the teacher day tomorrow.  How on earth is my first born 5?  I had 5 long years that turned into 5 way too short, way too fast years.  I'm not ready to open this next chapter in our life.  This week I had good intentions of starting the new bedtime routine, my initial goal was to get them in bed by 8:30 for three nights then 8:00.  I have FAILED miserably, 10pm, 8:43, 9:05, and 9:23pm.  This whole school thing already seems to be putting a damper on our life.  The strict bedtime, waking up to an alarm is just not our style.  I wanted to be a stay at home mom because I wanted to raise our kids, not have them raised by someone else.  Why does this mentality suddenly change because she is 5 and eligible for Kindergarten?  Neither Jason or I have ever been home school minded but as we see the major changes that need to happen in our family routine its hard not to think "why are we doing this?"  Why are we committing ourselves to being somewhere by 7:30am 5 days a week? 

Luckily, we know better than to voice these thoughts to Blythe and she is SO excited and SO ready for Kindergarten.  She has her new backpack and her lunch box, and she soon will have her school supplies.  She has said several days this week, "I can't wait for Kindergarten to start."  Thank goodness Blythe is ready and excited because that keeps me going, moving forwards allowing that voice of reason to step in and say 'she's got this, she's ready, she will blossom.'  Strangely enough the fact that we have decided to put Blythe in the dual language program where 90% of her day will be in Spanish is not what makes me apprehensive.  No, I already spent a solid 3 months having that debate with myself, to do it or not to do it, and I am still 100% on board with that decision. 

My issues boil down to 3 main things:

1) the commitment - 5 days a week drop off at 7:30, pick-up at 2:40, in bed by 8:30, wake up by 6:30
2) handing my child over to someone else for 7 hours a day, 5 days a week, that's 35 hours!
3) public school expectations of a 5 year old - sitting still for long periods of time and homework..seriously at 5, after you have had them for 7 hours?

Hopefully I come home tomorrow uber impressed with our Kindergarten teacher and all my apprehensions fly out the window.  But for now its bedtime so I can make the most of these last few full days with my beautiful Blythe. 


Jericho is THREE!

It's memory book time, and for me that means publishing a book of photos that Jericho will have to look at for a lifetime, reminding her of all the fun and love she had during her third year of life.  For others of you apparently this is the time where you hunt through the memory book counting how many times you appeared vs. how many times other people made the memory book.  If you find yourself disappointed in the number of times you made the book remember that our house is always open and happy and eager to host you, so come visit, do something cute or funny or silly and I'll take your picture :)

Luckily my photo books haven't been abandoned like my blog :(  Perhaps after the kitchen remodel I can get back to the blogging hobby!

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Expanding the Family

On Saturday June 8th the Wilkes family grew by one, Rachel Wilkes and Jeff Marek are officially married and happily enjoying a two week honeymoon in Costa Rica.  Rachel gave me the honor of being her Matron of Honor and challenged me to make the flower girl dresses.  I have to admit that I am very impressed with how well they turned out seeing as I still consider myself a fairly novice knitter and I had to write my own pattern!  My three girls, as well as Jeff's niece, all looked too cute for words in their dresses. 

You never know how little ones are going to do for their first debut as a flower girl, but Rachel lucked out and all three flower girls did a fantastic job.  They all walked down the isle holding their signs that read "Here Comes The Bride," they all did their fair share of standing and looking adorable as well as jumping around a little, giving a little spin on the alter and other adorable 'must have' little children distractions during the ceremony. 

 photo IMG_0846_zps006967b8.jpg

 photo IMG_0856-1_zps868e77fc.jpg

 photo IMG_0869_zpsb539a816.jpg

 photo IMG_0870_zps2a13b308.jpg

 photo IMG_0875_zps62fd3ac0.jpg

 photo IMG_0906-1_zps469200cc.jpg

 photo IMG_0908_zpsdbfd0163.jpg

 photo IMG_0909-1_zps6f95ea5e.jpg

 photo IMG_0917_zps85652289.jpg

 photo IMG_0934_zpse565a7ab.jpg

 photo IMG_0946-1_zps5e5ad5bd.jpg

 photo IMG_0951-2_zpsa81e8717.jpg

 photo IMG_0954_zpsaec62c25.jpg

 photo IMG_0963-1_zps33dfb36b.jpg

 photo IMG_0975_zpsc98ad87f.jpg

 photo IMG_0976_zpsd8a69a5b.jpg

 photo IMG_1058-1_zps026c43c8.jpg

 photo IMG_1069_zps83ec7228.jpg

 photo IMG_1072-1_zps0d412bea.jpg

 photo IMG_1128-1_zpsf38818a6.jpg


Friday Phone Dump

I am laughing at the title of this post because when I first used this title I pictured it being the first of many Friday blogs with the same title and an array of weekly photos, but sadly that has not materialized.  I don't like to be behind or missing any pieces, yet I have decided that I must move forward.  Working on the premise that I have to go back and blog about all the fantastic happenings I failed to blog about before moving forward is not working, so excuse the giant gap in time (and to Blythe, Jericho, or Amelie, who may read this year and years from now, don't worry your memory books are gap-less). 

Without further ado here is our latest happenings told via pictures because, you know, pictures are worth 1k words!

A common question I get is, "How's the Kitchen Project Going?"  I'll let the pictures tell that story..

 photo IMG_1630_zps9ed73012.jpg

 photo IMG_1896_zpsd61039ca.jpg

 photo IMG_1836_zpsb70690dd.jpg

 photo IMG_1835_zps03a5947c.jpg

How on earth did we get such cute children?  Even when they are a little naughty and get into eye liner, they're still adorable. 

 photo IMG_1829_zpsbb710073.jpg
[we may have put our child to sleep in the middle of the table at a semi-fancy function and an older lady may have walked by and said "In our generation we wouldn't have been caught dead doing that."]

 photo IMG_1639_zpsa02cf86c.jpg

 photo IMG_1642_zps23bffec9.jpg

 photo IMG_1644_zps384677c2.jpg

 photo IMG_1647_zps53a1be3a.jpg

 photo IMG_1542_zps312e5192.jpg

 photo IMG_1665_zpsa14f0d3f.jpg

 photo IMG_1838_zps0e9cf2a2.jpg

You know that list of things in your head that you think would be fun and you have great intentions of materializing on those ideas??  We finally remembered on the first Saturday of the month to send Jason and the older girls to make the free craft at Home Depot and this will certainly be repeated, everyone had a great time!

 photo IMG_1710_zpsd67ebf52.jpg

Blythe, the Artist.

 photo IMG_1795-2_zps27ee1df4.jpg

 photo IMG_1873_zps5174e140.jpg

Rodeo Day At Blythe's School - themed days, parties, field trips, I think Jericho looks forward to them more than Blythe because that means we all get to go to school with Blythe and Jericho loves to pretend to be one of the big kids!

 photo IMG_1801_zps14ef5d37.jpg

 photo IMG_1803_zps372020e4.jpg

 photo IMG_1815_zps44921299.jpg

 photo IMG_1817-1_zpsc19127ff.jpg

Last week we wisked away on an un-expected trip to DFW where Amelie and I successfully found wedding dresses for Rachel and Jalyn!  Sorry no sneak peeks here just pictures of the girls with Tia post dress shopping!

 photo IMG_1883_zpsfaccd557.jpg

 photo IMG_1882_zps3c577649.jpg

 photo IMG_1876_zps73dd78d4.jpg

Valentines day....

 photo IMG_1857_zpsacf31aca.jpg

 photo IMG_1859_zpsfdccf4ce.jpg

Oh. My. This one, I just can't get over ALL THAT HAIR and those eyes, those beautiful blue eyes.  She's growing, and we just love her smiles :)

 photo IMG_1632_zps619ae556.jpg

 photo IMG_1904_zps26b51eae.jpg

 photo IMG_1893_zps01b00b33.jpg

And a little something for me, which I rarely do, but you know it's not everyday your sister in law get's married so when she's getting married and you happen to find a super cute pair of boots that would go GREAT with the bridesmaid dress at the receptions, you splurge and you purchase yourself those boots!  Said boots arrived TODAY :)

 photo IMG_1909-1_zps2e260bfe.jpg