Bat in the Pool Room

The other evening I was putting the diapers in the washing machine and when I opened the pool room door I thought I saw something rather large flying around. I shut the door thinking maybe it was just a shadow and opened the door again...NOPE..something was definitely in there. I went inside and told Jason that there was something large flying around in the pool room and it was trapped b/c the sliding glass door was closed and I closed the pool room door. Jason didn't go outside immediately and I guess we forgot about it for a coupld of hours. Jason went out to the pool room for something and then he saw the large flying "thing" which he said looked like a gian flying cockroach. I told him I thought it was a bat. Jason took the video camera outside to see if he could video tape the "thing" through the glass pool room doors. Above is the first video he got.............


Happy Birthday Madelyn Claire Cabezas!!

Congratulations to Robert and Jennifer on their Baby Girl. Born 3/26/2009, 8 pounds 1 ounce.


Crisis Averted

It is POURING outside (at least in Bryan). I went out to the washing machine (in garage) to put the diapers in and I thought I would let the dog in who was probably in the the pool room (connected to backyard and garage) b/c of the rain. I opened the door and no dog?? So I called for him, still no dog. So I thought there must be another place that is out of the rain by the shed. I opened the garage door to call him on the other side of the backyard and that's when I saw..................The fence has blown OVER...Great...I am the only one home, its pouring rain, I can't take Blythe out in the pouring rain to look for the dog. So I quickly grab Blythe and a towel and I am about to take Blythe over to the neighbors when here comes Luke (the dog) up to the front porch!!! Thank Goodness. That was a lot easier than I was expecting it to be.


When Jason got home he informed me that the fence was not blow down, but the large gate (for cars/boats) was open, I couldn't see this much detail standing in the garage in the pouring rain...I just saw a large gap. We were both surprised that strong wind could blow this gate open because it is not easy to open and close, but its better that is was just an open gate and not another repair job!


Spring Break

For Spring Break we headed to Colorado to go snowboarding with the Wilkes Family at Copper Mountain. This was Blythe's first airplane ride and she did great!
Since Blythe isn't quite ready to hit the slopes we all tag teamed watching her. While Becky was on duty she fed Blythe rice cereal and taught her how to drink water from a cup. Blythe thinks it is SO fun.
Blythe would sometimes hang out at the bottom of the mountain in her snow suit!
When went out for Pizza and Blythe did her usual high chair "trick"

And this is the look we get when we say "Blythe, that's gross, stop"
We had a great trip and look forward to the next airplane adventure with our little one!
When we got back to DFW Blythe had her first Bubble bath:
And had a photo shoot on the pool table:
While we were packing for Colorado Momo had Blythe in the laundry basket and we caught her trying to pull herself up. When we got home Blythe pulled herself up on this toy and was very exciting to be standing solo! Blythe is now rolling around to get to toys and getting up on all 4's...we need to start baby proofing:


6 Month Appointment

Yesterday Blythe has her 6 month appointment. She weighed 16 pounds 6 ounces and was 26.5 inches long. Despite the healthy thunder thighs (see picture below) she is now only in the 50th percentile for weight and still in the 75th percentile for height. She had to have shots again which of course weren't fun, but it was all over with in a matter of minutes.

Last night we went to the LLLI meeting and Blythe didn't seem to be feeling the effects of the shots. I am currenlty battaling a cold so I was looking forward to getting home and going to bed. Blythe had other plans.... Ususally she nurses to sleep, but she nursed and was WIDE awake and ready to party. Luckily my mom is in town and stayed up with our little party animal until 10:30pm when she decided Blythe needed to party herself to sleep. When I woke up at 5am to feed Blythe I realized that I had totally dropped the ball last night. I guess I thought I would go lay down for a little while and then Blythe would get fussy and want to nurse before going to bed, but I never heard her and my mom said she was all "happy pappy."


Stations, Fish Fry, and a Commune

This past Friday we went to Stations of the Cross and then a Fish Fry with the Hartl's and Romansky's. After the Fish Fry we retreated to the Hartl's. Little did we know that we would not leave the Hartl's till 3:30AM. The conversation was wrapping up about 1am when Thaddeous threw out the killer question "What negative thing would I need to know about you if I was considering living in a commune with you?" After each person put their confession on the table the rest of us would have to say whether or not it was a "deal breaker." It was very interesting and consiquently helped us all to dive a little deaper into each others "bad habbits." The end conclusion was pretty interesting as we saw that our bad habbits were most accepted and related to our spouces. I think I was the biggest outlier..by the end of the night it was clear that a commune was no place for me becasue I run a dictatorship! So now I refer to the Wilkes household as Monica's Commune. The next time you find yourself needing something to talk about try this one out and see where it leads you.


My, what big teeth you have grandma!

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Just fun outside with our almost too small jean dress. Don't worry about my legs, I'll edit them when I learn how.



Blythe has become her own little person so Jason and I think she just looks like Blythe, but we are always hearing "she looks like her Daddy/Mommy." Take our poll on the right and lets see if we can get a majority!



Yesterday Blythe and I went to the grocery store and purchased a pack of diapers for the first time. MAN those things are expensive. This is the first package of diapers that we have purchased and I just didn't realize how quickly using cloth diapers really paid off! I got a 34 pack of diapers for $10.99. Blythe usually goes through about 8 diapers a day so that would be roughly $10.99 every 8 days..yikes. Granted you can get them in bulk at sams for about .10 less per diaper, but we don't want to haul disposable diapers either. We plan to use disposable diapers while we are in Colorado so we don't have to take an extra suit case just for diapers. I want to try out the diapers to make sure she doesn't have a bad reaction to them; we wouldn't want to be stuck in Colorado with disposable diapers, a bad rash, and an unhappy baby.



On Sunday we had Blythe dressed in a hand me down scottie dog dress with tights.  The tights had fake shoes on them and Blythe desperately wanted to get them off and into her mouth.  She was bent completely forward and pulling as hard as she could.  After about 15 minutes she just got mad so we had to remove the tights :)


Blythe's 1/2 Birthday

br />Blythe started out her 1/2 birthday with  a photoshoot:

And finished it up with Stations of the Cross, A fish fry where she had her first dance with daddy:

And then went for Coffee and Ice Cream with her Bradley Buddies:

Blythe wrapped up her 5th month with swinging and trying new foods!