Dr. Child's Oasis

Whatever you do, do NOT come between this girl and her 'sparkle' shoes. At the beginning of her shoes determination she stumbled upon these sparkle shoes at Ms. Marcy's house. She was instantly successful with these because they are 3 sized too big, making plenty of room for toddler food jamming error, but yet success in the end. Marcy's little one had already outgrown them so she sent them home with Blythe and they are her FAVORITE.
If you think that you get to pick out the shoes that she gets to wear you are WRONG. She doesn't always pick her sparkle shoes, but you can bet that IF her pink shoes are going match her outfit or her white sandals, she is going to demand the brown ones. Oh well, is there really anything cuter than toddler fashion?

Thursday evening Jason's professor had his annual graduate student BBQ where all the graduate students bring their families and significant others to enjoy time outside of the lab and the couple of acres they live on.

This little girl LOVES her daddy! After studying the water from the doc Blythe and Jason decided they needed to take a ride in the Canoe.

O.K. so she still only has a mullet going, but it has the cutest curls and is the cutest shade of blond, if you ask me :)
After playing in the water, feeding the fish, dangling off the doc, and a canoe ride, we had one tired toddler.

Blythe and I are off to DFW so have a great weekend!


Friends and Growing Up

Friday night we hung out with our commune buddies. If you aren't familiar with the commune reference, check here to get up to date!

Anna Clare, the latest addition to the commune!

Blythe was very impressed that Mike had his own 'park' in the backyard!

What is needed after 3 toddler play on the swing set, in the sandbox, and eat dinner??



Baby H and Baby W #2

Conversion Time
If sleeping in a big girl bed makes you a big girl, then I guess Blythe isn't a baby anymore :(. Surprisingly this milestone was not an emotional one for me, its was really no big deal for Blythe or I. I had in mind that Blythe's 20th month would be full of big girl steps. Not because the 20th month is any kind of magical age, but because it would once again just be Blythe and I to work on these transitions without distractions. I am also hoping that starting these 2 months out she won't associate them with the arrival of #2. So the first step was transitioning to the toddler bed which happened on Sunday.
Last picture of Blythe in the crib, big change from her first picture in the crib!

Blythe helping daddy with the conversion

This was the excitement we got with the realization that should could climb in and out and put her babies in and out of the bed
Pretending to sleep..right after this she informed us that she needed a pillow

Of course Daddy couldn't resist sharing this moment with his little girl

After the conversion was complete it was time for lunch and then our first nap in the big girl bed. Blythe crawled right in, put her head on the pillow and seemed happy as pie. I think she was more thrilled at the idea of getting a pillow than the bed being different. You know its a good nap when you wake up with this kind of bed head!
From the first nap/night it has been no big deal. She sleeps in her big girl bed, she stay in there once we put her in and she has once gotten up and knocked on the door when she was awake, but usually she just stays in the bed and calls for us. WOW..she is growing up WAY too fast, but at the same time we don't ever want her to stop growing because every new day/week/phase is so fun and such a learning process. Just this morning as the three of us were waking up and accepting the fact that it was time to get moving Blythe was chatting away in sentences and Jason turned to me and said "wow, she is really starting to think in sentences." Yep she is, she is big, she is wonderful, and how we got so lucky as to get to call her ours, I don't know, buy me likey A LOT!



Bubbles is not only our new favorite word, but also our favorite activity. When she wakes up in the morning she wants:

1) Shoes
2) Outside
3) Bubbles

Listening intently to daddies instructions on bubble blowing/making

Showing off her "Pretty" toes

Going on a bubble hunt

In the last week or so Jason and I have gone from Dada and Momma to Mommy and Daddy (Blythe pronounces it "Mommie and Daddie" - strong accents on the end). It started with Mommy and I wasn't exactly sure how I felt about it. It wasn't that I disliked being called Mommy, but I have been momma for so long. I guess I just felt like momma had to die to make way for Mommy. Jason made the comment to me "isn't it cute how she calls you mommie," and it is, but it did take some getting use to. But I am happy to be Momma or Mommy or anything else she chooses to call me, I am just happy that she belongs to me and I belong to her :). Jason went from Dada to Daddy just in the last few days and it is OH SO cute. Funny how you can easily let someone elses name change, but its harder to let go of your own name.

After the successfully completion of the sandbox, it was time to make a top so we don't have any kitty or possum visitors leaving us an unpleasant and potentially stinky surprise.

For all those people who have told us and continue to tell us that Children are the best blessing ever, well that is an understatement. I don't think there are even words to describe it, but pictures get us just a little closer to that definition.

We are head over heels for our little Blythe and we couldn't be happier with the new camera!


Just for Pic's

I don't know what we did to deserve such a cute and well tempered baby, but we LOVE her to pieces and each day she gets just a little more delicious!