I thought I should take a minute to write down the nicknames Blythe currently has/had so we don't forget!  We need to work on calling her Blythe more so she learns her name.

In the beginning we called her baby girl a lot, but I haven't heard either one of us use that one lately.  Her current nicknames are:

Doodlebritches (she got this because she is a nonstop pooper)
Doodle (I guess I have shortened it, I  use this one the most)
Boogerboo (this is what Jason usually calls her, not sure where it came from)



I am slacking in the blogging department.  Last Thursday Blythe ROLLED OVER!  Yes, we couldn't believe it and we thought it was just a fluke, but then she did it 2 more times on Saturday.  We even got the first roll over on camera, but the original video is painfully long with lots of high pitched crazy excited parent voices and I have not had a chance to edit it.  Hopefully I can get it edited and post it to the blog soon...of course I have been telling myself that since last Thursday! Blythe is 12 weeks old today, she is growing FAST! On Monday night we had a mini reunion with our Bradley class (3/4 couples).  We all went back to our instructor's house and talked to her current students about our birth experience.  We then all went out to dinner, 6 adults and 3 infants.  The waitress asked us "did yall plan to have babies at the same time?" and we told her that we met in a birthing class and how great it was that we all enjoy each other's company so much.  It looks like Monday nights are good for all of us so we are going to try and get together for a few hours each Monday night.


She's Gone Country

This weekend we took Blythe to San Saba to learn the ropes of the ranch and to meet Joycelyn, John R. and Christine!  Blythe learned about bulls, deer, and bears

But mainly she hung out in her bouncy seat and listened to all of us hoop and hollar

She even let mom and dad have a break and take a ride on the 4wheeler

Before we left on Sunday we took Blythe to meet her Grandpa


For more 2 months photos click here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2613898&l=ebaad&id=8316366

Last night was Blythe's first night to sleep all alone in her own room in her big girl crib!  I don't think it phased her at all...but how could it with such a wonderful nursery and crib!



I am wondering if Blythe is Psychic or if my milk forms some sort of sleeping aid whenever I am taking Blythe somewhere and thinking in the back of my head, if she is not in a good mood this could be a bust. So far whenever I have taken her to situations like that she sleeps the entire time. For example, I went to play Bunco with some ladies from the BCS moms bored and she slept the entire time, when we went to the Halloween party she slept the entire time, and when I brought her to work with me yesterday afternoon she slept for 4/5 hours. 


Blythe's 1st Halloween

Blythe was a frog for her 1st Halloween and Jason and I went as Prince and Princess (making Blythe the frog princess).  The ELI (where I work) always hosts a Halloween party for the ELI students.  For many of the students this is the first time they have heard of Halloween and I am always so impressed how trusting they are.  We tell them to dress up and they do and they are also very creative!  Jason did an awesome job with his prince costume.  He put it together with one trip to Good Will.  I used the dress that I made for Prom back in high school and we borrowed Blythe's frog costume.  We didn't get any great pictures because our poor frog was just too sleepy.  She slept through the entire party and didn't even wake up after getting a diaper change and changed out of her frog costume.  She was really sleepy on Saturday as well so we are guessing her body is working hard from the shots. 

On Saturday we went to the BCS Moms Halloween party and since it was hot and not necessarily a costume party we decided not to dress up and Jason put Blythe in her I'pood onsie, so I guess she was an ipod.  We met some families on the board and met a little boy who was born one day after Blythe!

On Sunday we had a real treat.......a visit from the Kennemers!  Blythe got to meet her cousins William and Andrew for the first time!  While Julie was holding Blythe I asked the boys if they were ready for Julie to have a baby in her arms all the time and they said "no."  I also asked the boys if they were having a brother or a sister and they both said sister...we will know soon. 

I hope writing this doesn't jinx it, but Blythe slept for a 7 hour stretch last night and the night before.  Man I never knew 7 hours of sleep would feel so long!