Reading, Turkey, and Animals

With all the scare about SIDS babies aren't learning to roll over, hold their head up, and crawl as soon as they used to because those muscles aren't being developed.  They say you should not put your baby to sleep on their tummy, but while they are awake they should spend a lot of time in their tummy, we call this TUMMY TIME.  Most babies are not a fan of tummy time because they don't spend much time on their tummy and it's frustrating to not be able to see anything.  We have been trying to be better about tummy time so she gets used to it and maybe she will like it!  Well this is what Blythe had to say about tummy time:
"You make me do tummy time, I sleep"  that or Curious George is not as fun as I remember him being.

Apparently Blythe prefers to read grown up books and then tell Daddy all about it:

Aunt Connie got Blythe this adorable Little Turkey onsie, but this little turkey is going to be too big for it by Thanksgiving so we are having our turkey early:

Blythe is 8 weeks old and she already has tons of friends:


Lost My Marbles

I spent the first part of yesterday dreading the afternoon, particularly the 2pm hour when I thought Blythe had her 2 month appointment and was scheduled to get her first shot!  Well it was all for nothing because I had the date wrong in my head.  I had written the date down correctly on my calendar, but not in my head.  We went all the way to the dr.'s office and were told we were a week early, I laughed because I had though it was on the 28th, but I  knew it was a Tuesday and it was just a day before or after she turns 2 months, well today she is 8 weeks old, but not yet 2 months!


First Aggie Game!

This weekend Blythe attended her first Texas A&M foot ball game.  The aggies played Texas Tech and ran out of time.  Luckily it was a good game to watch and not quite the slaughter house it was expected to be.  The Aggies were actually ahead at half time!  Blythe did great at the game, she slept through most of it.  I started out carying her in the moby wrap, but that go too hot.  We ended up keeping her underneath the nursing cover (also known as a hooter hider) because it was cool, let breeze through, but kept the sun off her.  She was passed between Becky, Rachel, Jennifer, and myself and we thought it must be funny for passer byers who saw this baby "nursing" on 4 different people!

What people saw as they passed by
What was really going on


Pictures From the Weekend


New Record

Blythe slept for a record long 5 hours and 15 minutes!!!  Previously her longest stretch of sleep was 4 hours 30 minutes.  Granted she woke up every 2 hours after her long stretch, but we are only 45 minutes from 6 hours which is considered "sleeping through the night." Blythe nursed for a solid 45 minutes before going to bed at 9:15pm then woke up at 2:30am, 5am, and 7am.


Blythe's First Road Trip

Blythe did great on her first road trip!  She slept about half of the way to DFW and the entire way home, the weekend must have worn her out!

Friday afternnon Jason and Becky dropped Blythe and I off in Coppell so we could visit Grandma.  Blythe slept most of the time, but Granmda did get to hold her for a minute.  Jason took Becky to the BMW dealership in Dallas so she could drive her new M3 home!  I think Jason was possibly more excited about Becky's new car than she was (thats all he talked about on the drive from College Station to DFW). 

Friday evening Blythe attended her first football game.  We went to the Trinity High School football game and it just happened to be Home Coming...I had forgotten about the "MUM Madness."  Blythe loves being outside so she had a good time at the football game.  She spend most of the time arm hopping between grandma, grandpa, nana, and Rachel, but did spend a few sleeping moment in the moby wrap with mommy! 

On Saturday Blythe had her first round of Party Hopping.  We had a wedding reception that started at 5:30, but when we arrived we learned that the bride and groom were not there and would be arriving later that evening or possible not until the next morning.  {They were married in Denmark and had some visa/plane complications arriving in the US.}  That same evening Tom and Mary were celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary so we were able to eat dinner at the reception, jump over for the anniversary celebration, and hop back over to the reception once the bride and groom arrived (thank goodness they didn't miss their party completely).  Blythe danced for the first time with Lolli and Pop! 

On Sunday we went to church, ate corn beef, visited Linda and Jake, and headed back to College Station. 

Today is my first day back at work (only part time) and it's going well.  I hope Blythe and Jason are having a good time at home.

Pictures from the weekend coming soon......


Past Week

Daddy got a new computer so Blythe played with the packaging:

Daddy tried to tie the Moby wrap, but mommy had to show him how to do it:

Our friends, the Hartl's, have a little boy 7 weeks older than Blythe.  Crissy has gone back to work part time and her and I are watching each others babies three times a week and the other 2 days they are with thier dads.  This past week was Crissy's first week back to work so I got a dose of what it would be like to have twins.  So far it has actually been easier than I expected.  Both Blythe and Ian have been very good babies and have napped pretty well in the afternoon.  Here is a pic of Ian and I playing in the Moby wrap while Blythe was napping:

Blythe has learned to smile and it is SO rewarding!


Last night Jason and I had the privilege of telling our birth story to a Bradley class.  It was fun to re-read the birth story and to be "on the other side." 

We are taking our first road trip to DFW with Blythe.  I am currently making a list of all the things we need to bring for Blythe.  My mom was right when she said that we will feel like we are taking everything, but the kitchen sink!