First Appointment

The doctors office called today to schedule our first appointment.  On January 15th we will get to see the baby and hear the babies heart beat for the first time.  So far the only symptom I have is tiredness.  I have enjoyed napping and going to bed early.  The nurse said that most people start to get morning sickness during their 6th week.  I will be into my 7th week on Friday the 4th and so far so good.  The nurse said that if I make it to 8 weeks without morning sickness I am one of the lucky ones and will probably not have that symptom.    The nurse also said that I will most likely be able to run in the marathon since I am at the end of my training and it will be early on in my pregnancy.  I will confirm that at our January 15th appointment.   Thanks to all that are praying for a happy healthy baby W and pregnancy!


Wilke's Extended Family

Yesterday was the Behrens Family White Elephant gift exchange.  Several people opted to make their gift this year, but I did not hear about this until I already purchased my gift.  Jason and I decided that we would add the "home made" portion to my gift as a mystery gift.  In addition to the wooden cats we placed an envelope on the gift that said "This is a mystery gift, you cannot open it until the conclusion of the game."  Much to our surprise this gift was the first one opened and was the first to be stolen 3 times which froze it.  It was in Colin's hands and he would have to wait till the end to reveal the mystery gift.    The game finally came to an end and it was time for Colin to open the envelope.  He opened the envelope and read:

Of those in this room I shall make:
all of you proud
8 of you great
4 of you insects
2 of you grand 
and 1 of you myself

What am I?

***Confusion struck the room "repeat" "read it again," 4 what?" etc.

Colin read it again, but then added his guess at the end that sounded like part of the riddle

Of those in this room I shall make:
all of you proud
8 of you great
4 of you insects
2 of you grand 
and 1 of you myself

What am i?
Your father (Colin's addition)

***Another couple of seconds pass and Colin opens the paper and reads the answer
"A Child"

Aunt Kate chimes in "Is someone expecting?" at the same time that Caitlin chimes in "Someone's pregnant."

FINALLY eyes turn to Jason and I and the riddle is solved!

A lot of people did not remember this, but before we said blessing for dinner Becky said "I have an announcement," and someone said "Your pregnant? haha."  Little did they know that someone else in the room was about to make that announcement.


Christmas Day 2007

2:30am - we finally turn in and attempt to sleep after all of the excitement.  
4:30am - I woke up starving, I thought if I laid there I would fall back asleep 
5:00am - WRONG still starving, I thought about waking Jason up for his first "mid night craving," but spared him since he had a bad night of sleep the night before.  I broke down and got a banana and was then able to fall asleep.

We went to my dad's house for Christmas morning with Joe, Debbie, Julie, Philip, William, and Andrew.  After all the presents were open I told my dad "You cant open your last present for another 8 1/2 / 9 months.  He was not surprised, in fact he said that he had a premonition that we were going to announce our pregnancy at Christmas.  We then went to Grandma G's and Granddaddy Dick's.  Everyone was standing around and Debbie said "your should share your news," and I said "oh, I thought you might want to," and then Kristie said "are you pregnant?"  Kristie gets the prize!  

Jason and I are excited and looking forward to the pregnancy journey :)


Christmas Eve 2007

Jason and I suspected we were pregnant so we went to the grocery store to purchase a pregnancy test so we could take it on Christmas morning and see if Santa had brought us a baby. Of course we convinced ourselves on the way home that we might as well go ahead and take one right away. We took one and sure enough we had 2 pink lines = pregnant. We were ecstatic, but we wanted to wait to spill the beans so we went separate directions so we wouldn't give it away.

We went to Christmas mass with the Wilkes at 6pm and spent most of the time thanking God for this amazing blessing and planning how and when we were going to tell. Mr. Wilkes planned to open a bottle of Don Perignon for Christmas eve dinner so Jason thought that this would be a great time for us to share our exciting news. As soon as we returned home from mass we decided that we better take another test just to double check. The second check came back positive as well, so we were ready to tell. The toast was with dessert so we had to sit through dinner looking "normal." It was finally time to toast and Jason and Becky thought that everyone should go around and toast to something. Jason struggled to rig the toast so he could be last, but in the end he did. Everyone went around and said their toast and then it was our turn. Jason stood up and said, "I would like to thank god for the baby... (to which Tom immediately said 'no way')...that he gave the world. And for the baby... that we learned about today." My mom and dad both missed it. Shortly, due to the excitement, it hit my mom. She had a 'no way' look on her face, the exclaimed her excitement. About a minute later, when my mom was hugging Monica and I, my dad says "are you kidding!?" When I said that we were not. He got really excited as well. ****One set of parents down, 2 to go

I called my mom and she didn't answer, BUT she called right back and I said "Merry Christmas Momo." and mom immediately responded "are you expecting?" I knew that she wanted to be called Momo so she knew exactly what I was calling to say.

By this time it was 11pm so we would wait to tell the next set of Grandparents until tomorrow morning.