12 Month Check-Up

Blythe weighed in at 19lbs 9oz and 29 1/4 inches long. According to Dr. Meyers she is "just perfect" but we already knew that!

She wasn't too thrilled with her 4 shots (chicken pox, yellow fever (for Ecuador), Hep A, and MMR), but as soon as I picked her up and showed her the baby in the mirror it was all forgotten.


The BIG Day

Oh me, oh my, I don't even know what to say. To think that we have already had a full year together!

A year ago today Jason and I worked together for 15 hours to bring Blythe into this world. At 8:03pm the most beautiful baby girl was born to us, and the joy began.

Today we are reminded of ALL the accomplishments Blythe has made this year, there are too many to list, but here are a few big ones!

Baptism:First Smile:
Sitting Up:Rolling Over
CrawlingWalkingThe joy that you have brough to us is indescribable. We thank God everyday for blessing us with you. You have crossed so many milestones and had so many accomplishments in your first year. We are eager to grow with you during your second year. May God bless you in your second year!



It just dawned on me that this time last year I found out that the Gruningers had their baby girl a few weeks early. That instantly sent me in a panic as Jason and I would be bringing up the rear for the Bradley class. I jokingly said I was going to go home and mow the lawn, which I did, as an attempt to have baby W. Little did I know that it would be just a little over 24 hours from that lawn mowing that we would be blessed with Blythe!


Going Private

In light of this we have decided to make our blog private.


Date Night

Jason and I went on our first date night last night since my mom was in town. Jason knew I wanted to see My Sisters Keeper so he suggested for us to go see it. As it turns out that movie has already come and gone so we settled on Public Enemies. About half way through the movie it started making an annoying ticking sound. Jason went to the front to let them know and about 10 minutes later they came in and said they were fixing it and it would be about 5-10 minutes. Well 2o minutes later the movie still wasn't going and neither Jason and I thought the movie was that great so we opted to leave and get our money back. We didn't want to be there till midnight (assuming the eventually got it working), especially since I had just committed to running with the neighbor each morning at 6:30!

So the date night was a bit of a bust, but at least we attempted to go out.

It felt really good to get in a good morning job before starting my day!



On Thursday Blythe and I had a play date in South College Station. Little did we know that we were exactly where we needed to be. At about noon on Thursday a nearby chemical plant caught fire and all of Bryan and part of College Station were ordered to evacuate.

Jennifer Cabezas saw the news on the TV and called to make sure we were aware that we had orders to evacuate. We were not aware of the chemical plant fire so thank goodness she called so I didn't come home and put Blythe down for a nap. The Cabezas told us that we could evacuate to their house so I called Jason and he grabbed Luke and a couple of items and headed to their house. The news was not giving any indication as to how long the evacuation might last. I was hoping that school/work would be canceled on Friday as the Cabezas were up for a slumber party. We ended up being released back into our house at 7:30pm so we went ahead and came home so I could get up and go to work in the morning :(. Who would have thought little old Bryan, Texas would be evacuated!