Strong Heart Beat!

 We just got back from our first doctors appointment!  

As soon as the ultra sound popped on the screen Jason said that he was getting really hot and needed to sit down, he thought he was going to pass out (he forgot to eat breakfast and it was really hot in there).  Luckily for him the lady at the front desk forgot to tell me to empty my bladder so we had to take a break for me to go to the bathroom because we could not see the entire embryo (dot in picture).  Jason went and got a drink and then took his shirt off (luckily he had an undershirt on).  Finally we were ready for the ultrasound.  She was calculating that we were 81/2 weeks so when the measurements came back at 71/2 weeks she said "this is small I am going to look for another one.............." BUT there was just one.  She realized that she was calculating the weeks wrong and we were at 71/2 weeks so the embryo was measuring correctly and had a strong heart beat!  

We will go back in 4 weeks for another appointment, but we will not have another ultrasound until 18 weeks and then the embryo will look like a baby.  You can see the baby below...doesn't it look like it has my eyes? Just kidding :)  We are excited that everything looks great so far!

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