I am slacking in the blogging department.  Last Thursday Blythe ROLLED OVER!  Yes, we couldn't believe it and we thought it was just a fluke, but then she did it 2 more times on Saturday.  We even got the first roll over on camera, but the original video is painfully long with lots of high pitched crazy excited parent voices and I have not had a chance to edit it.  Hopefully I can get it edited and post it to the blog soon...of course I have been telling myself that since last Thursday! Blythe is 12 weeks old today, she is growing FAST! On Monday night we had a mini reunion with our Bradley class (3/4 couples).  We all went back to our instructor's house and talked to her current students about our birth experience.  We then all went out to dinner, 6 adults and 3 infants.  The waitress asked us "did yall plan to have babies at the same time?" and we told her that we met in a birthing class and how great it was that we all enjoy each other's company so much.  It looks like Monday nights are good for all of us so we are going to try and get together for a few hours each Monday night.

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