The Birthday Crash

It was Friday, August 28, a little after 10, long past Blythe's bedtime. Daddy was already a day late getting Blythe's birthday present assembled and was determined to give it to her. He said "keep her up just 10 more minutes, it will be worth it." 10 minutes came and went, but not too long after, Daddy arrived with the present that was going to be a "hit" (in more ways than one). Blythe has enjoyed the riding toys that her friends Michael and Ian have so Daddy decided to make her one of her own, combining all the different elements from the other toys so hers would be the top of the line.

Blythe was sitting at one end of the living room when Daddy arrived with the new toy. Daddy gave it a slight push and it started rolling towards her, she saw what it was and started crawling towards it..all of a sudden it was as if the tricycle starting gaining speed, then BANG it hit Blythe square in the face. This instantly drew tears and a handful of wails. After a few minutes Blythe had recovered from her first show down with the tricycle, but wasn't quite ready to ride on it. Instead she decided to push it. The wheels started rolling a little to fast and BANG she fell down and hit the front of the tricycle AGAIN. Daddy had yet to completely safety proof the tricycle so it still had a very sharp edge on the front. This was the end of the tricycle. We weren't sure what was sadder, the fact that Daddy was so excited to give it to Blythe and just knew it was going to be a great moment or the fact that the Tricycle jump up and bit Blythe, twice.

Since the incident the Tricycle has been in our living room just waiting for Blythe to forgive it and take it for a ride. That day finally came on Saturday September 12! Out of the blue Blythe points to the tricycle says "vroom, vroom" and happily mounted it. Unfortunately Jason wasn't here for the first ride, but he was very excited to see that his Tricycle was not a complete flop.

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