Whistle Britches' Midnight Antics

As I was about to drift off into slumber I hear a Ka-Thum - oh crap Blythe fell off the bed, run around, pick her up, no tears, not even awake - put her in the middle of the bed - pillow on one side me on the other. Again almost asleep - Blythe sits straight up in bed announcing "need to eat" - to the kitchen for cheese - eat some cheese in bed, settle down. Little voice "potty" - up, sit on potty as Blythe points out objects in the room - back to bed. Little voice "drink, water" - to the kitchen - stop and request "move this" (the dog food by the refrigerator) I was confused but helped her move it - Blythe sits down to play with the magnets - Oh no we are not doing that it's the middle of the night. Take Mamo's water bottle from the frig to bed - drink a bunch of water, settle down. Little voice "cheese" - give her the rest of her cheese & say Blythe it is late we need to go to sleep. Blythe is flopping around like a fish outta water. I tell her, Blythe, if you can't get still I'm going outside - "Outside!" [what a fab idea]. No no I mean I'm going to leave the room to sleep somewhere else - it's dark outside "Dark" (with furrowed brow). More flopping, I go to the couch to hear Mamo, Mamo, Mamo. Back to my bed, find Nilla, settle down. "Ear" finger in my ear "Mamo's Ear" - leans over to put her face in front of mine - I can't help but laugh. OK it's time to get firm. Blythe, it is late I have to go to sleep because I have to get up early in the morning - I'm not talking to you anymore. Hold her for a bit, more flopping, turn my back. A moment of stillness then I hear Whoow & "No Blow" I bite my tongue not to laugh, another Whoow & "Baxter, No Blow", I do not respond. Blythe proceeds to talk to Joyce, Baxter & Nilla - I hear "tap shoes", "no like tap shoes". Not sure who went to sleep first but that's the last I remember.

Cheese 10 cents, water a penny, a midnight hour with Blythe Priceless!!!

By: Mamo (Claudia)

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