Expanding the Family

On Saturday June 8th the Wilkes family grew by one, Rachel Wilkes and Jeff Marek are officially married and happily enjoying a two week honeymoon in Costa Rica.  Rachel gave me the honor of being her Matron of Honor and challenged me to make the flower girl dresses.  I have to admit that I am very impressed with how well they turned out seeing as I still consider myself a fairly novice knitter and I had to write my own pattern!  My three girls, as well as Jeff's niece, all looked too cute for words in their dresses. 

You never know how little ones are going to do for their first debut as a flower girl, but Rachel lucked out and all three flower girls did a fantastic job.  They all walked down the isle holding their signs that read "Here Comes The Bride," they all did their fair share of standing and looking adorable as well as jumping around a little, giving a little spin on the alter and other adorable 'must have' little children distractions during the ceremony. 

 photo IMG_0846_zps006967b8.jpg

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