Dr. Appointment and Furniture

Yesterday I went in for my 33 week appointment and found out that the baby is head down! The baby is not lodged, but is most likely too big at this point to do a complete flip so the baby should remain in the head down position! Blood pressure is “excellent,” and weight gain is right on.
Jason and I had a busy weekend this past weekend. I called Babies R Us on Friday night and found out that the Crib had arrived (it was the last of the 3 pieces of furniture we were waiting on). We immediately ran to talk to Steve to see what his plans were for the weekend. Luckily he had no plans to use his truck Saturday morning so we decided we would go pick up the crib first thing. Momo was in town (Claudia) so she got to drive with us to Katy to collect the furniture. We intended to arrive at Babies R Us at opening (9:30am), but didn’t get there till 10:30am. We collected the furniture and a few other items that I wanted to get while I was there. 
Jason and I have had a hard time picking out a stroller. We were not into the “travel” system because those strollers are big and bulky and the baby can only ride in the infant seat for the first few months. We knew we wanted something light weight and not something that would take-up the entire trunk. We were leaning towards the basic umbrella stroller, but most of them don’t have a sun shade and the baby can’t ride on those until it can sit up. We found one with a sun shade, but Jason thought it would be nice to have a small basket under the stroller to put things. Finally we found something in between the umbrella stroller and the massive wheeled “travel system” stroller that has a visor AND reclined enough to put an infant in. Needless to say this “hunt” keep us in Babies R Us longer than we intended so we were kinda rushed to make our next engagement. 
We left Babies R Us at 11:45am and had a baby shower back in College Station at 2:00pm that we were NOT dressed for. We got home about 1:15, got ready, and headed to the shower. The shower was a lot of fun. We played a game where you guess the type of baby food and let’s just say the samples were less than desirable, poor babies.   We played several other fun games and enjoyed each other’s company. Jason and I got the last of the items that we needed to finish the nursery so we were anxious to get back to the house and SET UP!
Jen (my cousin’s wife) can in from Austin with her 2 kids so we took them swimming at the neighbors pool after the shower. Jason and I had fun playing with Quentin (3) and Heidi (8 months). After Jen and the kids hit the road to go back to Austin we started opening furniture! While Jason started bringing the furniture into the baby room I started my loads of laundry that had been waiting for the furniture to arrive (yes, I have had all the tags removed and the laundry piles ready to go for a little over a week, just waiting to wash until the last shower and until the chests arrived to put the clothes in).
The nursery looks AMAZING. I really wish I could post some pics, but Jason wants me to wait to debut the nursery pictures until everything is done. All we have left is the hanging of the 2 valance over the windows and then I will post pics. Jason and I feel VERY spoiled with our nursery. Its looks like a designer nursery straight out of a magazine, big THANKS to everyone who spoiled us.
We had our baptismal class last night so we didn’t get to the valance, but hopefully we can do that tonight!

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