Reading, Turkey, and Animals

With all the scare about SIDS babies aren't learning to roll over, hold their head up, and crawl as soon as they used to because those muscles aren't being developed.  They say you should not put your baby to sleep on their tummy, but while they are awake they should spend a lot of time in their tummy, we call this TUMMY TIME.  Most babies are not a fan of tummy time because they don't spend much time on their tummy and it's frustrating to not be able to see anything.  We have been trying to be better about tummy time so she gets used to it and maybe she will like it!  Well this is what Blythe had to say about tummy time:
"You make me do tummy time, I sleep"  that or Curious George is not as fun as I remember him being.

Apparently Blythe prefers to read grown up books and then tell Daddy all about it:

Aunt Connie got Blythe this adorable Little Turkey onsie, but this little turkey is going to be too big for it by Thanksgiving so we are having our turkey early:

Blythe is 8 weeks old and she already has tons of friends:

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  1. 2008-10-24
    Ha! This is a cute post. Blythe is getting so big!!! She's already so popular and mature at such a young age. She sure takes after her mom.