First Aggie Game!

This weekend Blythe attended her first Texas A&M foot ball game.  The aggies played Texas Tech and ran out of time.  Luckily it was a good game to watch and not quite the slaughter house it was expected to be.  The Aggies were actually ahead at half time!  Blythe did great at the game, she slept through most of it.  I started out carying her in the moby wrap, but that go too hot.  We ended up keeping her underneath the nursing cover (also known as a hooter hider) because it was cool, let breeze through, but kept the sun off her.  She was passed between Becky, Rachel, Jennifer, and myself and we thought it must be funny for passer byers who saw this baby "nursing" on 4 different people!

What people saw as they passed by
What was really going on

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