4 Month Appointment

I made it through Blythe's 4 month appointment without tears!  I wish I could say the same for Blythe, but once the shots were over she quickly recovered!  She weighted in at 14 pounds 9 ounces and was measured at 25 inches long.  She is in the 75th percentile for both height and weight! I was concerned that her head was looking a bit flat so I asked the doctor and she said it looked fine and it will start to round out soon, esp. since she is already starting to sit up.  Jason and I have been putting her on her stomach for nap time to round it out and to help her get comfortable on her stomach.  She is now a lot happier on her stomach, her head looks slightly more round, and she is definitely stronger.  She can push her arms straight and hold herself up! We are eager to see all the new things Blythe will learn in her 4th month.

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