9 Months

Can you believe Miss Blythe is 9 months old? Jason and I knew it would go fast, but we had no idea it would go by this fast. Blythe is very busy. She enjoys crawling (she has gotten really fast), pulling up, and walking around the coffee table. Lately she has not been very interested in "toys" and prefers household items like Tupperware, measure cups/spoons, etc. She especially enjoys items made of metal.
In the past week she has started to eat some solids. She prefers to eat what we are eating and be fed with our finger or hers. We can occasionally get her to eat off a spoon, but usually only when we have her distracted with something else. We usually give her some cheerios to feed herself and we slip in spoonfuls of home made baby food between bites.
When Blythe was 6 months old I made up a lot of home-made pureed baby food and I was just thinking that I would need to give it away because it only keeps for a few month, but maybe she is going to eat it after all.
We don't have any new stats on our quickly growing baby since her 9 month appointment isn't until next week, but we'll keep you posted.

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