Mommy/Daughter Trip to Arizona

Momo (Claudia) has some flight vouchers that were going to expire so we decided we should take Blythe to Arizona to show her off to my dad's side of the family. At the time we booked the trip we didn't realize it was Mother's Day weekend. Jason dropped Blythe and I off at the College Station airport on Friday morning. Blythe and I flew to DFW were Momo met us at the gate. We had several hours before our flight to Arizona so we went to Momo's house to play and take a nap. When we returned to the DFW airport we were right next to a playground!

Aunt Chris picked us up in Arizona and we went back to her house. That evening Grandma Ruth and Aunt Connie came over for dinner. Of course everyone thought Blythe was really cute and such a great baby!

I usually feed Blythe in bed in the mornings and she usually rolls over and sees Dada so on Saturday morning after feeding her she rolled over and said "dada" and looked really confused when she saw Jalyn. We went to the Tempe marketplace with Aunt Chris, Connie, and Grandma Saturday afternoon. That evening we had dinner at the Troth's where Blythe got to meet her newest cousin Shayla who is 4 months old. Shayla is a much more petite baby than Blythe so Alyssa and I joked that she must serve skim milk and I must serve cream!

Sunday morning I got up and showered while Blythe played with Aunt Jalyn. When I returned Blythe started crawling towards me and said "mama, mama." I know that it might have just been a fluke, but none the less it was a great mothers day surprise from Blythe. Blythe and I went to mass with Aunt Chris and Mike and then met up with the rest of the gang after church for a Mothers day lunch. Sunday evening we all got together at Aunt Connie's house.

On Monday Alyssa and her 2 kids picked us up to take us to the Arizona zoo. This was Blythe's first trip to the zoo, but she is not used to focusing on things far away so I am not sure how much she actually saw. She loves dogs so I figured she would love all the animals, but I only know that she saw a Giraffe and a monkey because she kicked her legs and giggled like she does when she sees a dog. I guess we will have to go again when she gets a little older.

By Tuesday Blythe was worn out because we were constantly on the move so she didn't get her normal naps. We had a great trip to Arizona, but it was good to come home and see Dada!
This is how Blythe was sleeping when I went in to get her this morning: I think someone is still exhausted from her vacation!

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