Date Night

Jason and I went on our first date night last night since my mom was in town. Jason knew I wanted to see My Sisters Keeper so he suggested for us to go see it. As it turns out that movie has already come and gone so we settled on Public Enemies. About half way through the movie it started making an annoying ticking sound. Jason went to the front to let them know and about 10 minutes later they came in and said they were fixing it and it would be about 5-10 minutes. Well 2o minutes later the movie still wasn't going and neither Jason and I thought the movie was that great so we opted to leave and get our money back. We didn't want to be there till midnight (assuming the eventually got it working), especially since I had just committed to running with the neighbor each morning at 6:30!

So the date night was a bit of a bust, but at least we attempted to go out.

It felt really good to get in a good morning job before starting my day!

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