On Thursday Blythe and I had a play date in South College Station. Little did we know that we were exactly where we needed to be. At about noon on Thursday a nearby chemical plant caught fire and all of Bryan and part of College Station were ordered to evacuate.

Jennifer Cabezas saw the news on the TV and called to make sure we were aware that we had orders to evacuate. We were not aware of the chemical plant fire so thank goodness she called so I didn't come home and put Blythe down for a nap. The Cabezas told us that we could evacuate to their house so I called Jason and he grabbed Luke and a couple of items and headed to their house. The news was not giving any indication as to how long the evacuation might last. I was hoping that school/work would be canceled on Friday as the Cabezas were up for a slumber party. We ended up being released back into our house at 7:30pm so we went ahead and came home so I could get up and go to work in the morning :(. Who would have thought little old Bryan, Texas would be evacuated!

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