Potty Time

On Friday Jason happened upon a garage sale on his way to work and purchase a $4 "singing rewards" potty. We had been talking about easing into the potty training process, knowing in the early stages it was more about getting them excited about the potty than actually potting. After heavily sanitizing the potty we sat her on it after she woke up in the AM and after nap (this started on Sunday). She seemed really excited to sit on the potty, but we thought it was more because she got to be diaper free and she loves sitting in/on things.

This afternoon Blythe and I were reading books and I heard a little gas so I decided I would put her on the potty, I said "come on Blythe lets go poo poo in the potty." Blythe immediately headed for the bathroom and we sat on the potty. I continued to read her books and surprise she went poo poo! Then a little tee tee, that's when the potty did its "reward singing" and I think Blythe was a little surprised, but she started clapping so I guess she wasn't too scared. Then we put the poo poo in the big potty and Blythe got to flush it (one of her favorite things to do these days)!

No I am not delusional into thinking that we have really started the potty training process, but hey that is one less diaper, a poopie one at that, I have to change today! Baby steps people, baby steps!


  1. Lol... your last paragraph might as well have read, "No, Crissy, I'm not delusional into thinking that we have really started the potty training process..." Way to go, Blythe! After she's done with it, can we borrow it? ;)

  2. those things are HILARIOUS. I just saw one for the first time tonight and it cracked me up!!