NAFSA Conference

I had a NAFSA (association of international student advisors) conference in Addison this past week. Blythe and I lucked out and were able to fly (aka..50 minutes in an airplane instead of 3 hours in a car). Our flight interfered with Blythe's afternoon nap so I though she 'might' sleep on the plane, and I was a little concerned what the flight would hold if she didn't....you can do anything for 50 minutes, right?? Blythe did not sleep on the plane, but she was great. She ended up having her own seat and figured out how to unbuckle the seat belt within minutes of me buckling her in. She spend most of the 34 minutes (in air), putting her baby doll in and out of the hole:While I was at the conference Blythe got to stay and play with Mamo and Aunt Jalyn. They went to the mall and met with Jalyn's friend for a play date.
The last day of the conference was only a half day and we needed to wear Blythe out before our flight home so we went to Kid Country!

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  1. how was the conference? see any of our friends??