The Dell Guy

As of yesterday I was done being a nice person with the Dell tech support and had to get forceful (in a written way). I am sure that the tech support is given a 'playbook,' to follow, but you would also think they could use some common sense, but maybe not. I logged onto the dell tech support website yesterday and pretty much told them what their next step was going to be. Yes you sent me the BS parts that I was 99.9% sure would do no good and low and behold I put them in and NADA. So now we play by my rules, i.e what I think is wrong, not what your playbook says to send me. So to my delight, I am now sitting in the living room while the Dell guy replaces the motherboard and I really hope that is the issue and that I am up in running within the hour.

I bet the Dell guy spends most of his time repairing machines in office building, not homes. But I bet he most certainly rarely, if ever, has the pleasure (if you can call it that) of listening to a mom BS the words to Hush Little Baby.. I don't now the official words and I haven't taken the time to look them up, so the song is different every time Blythe requests it, which is daily, if not multiple times a day. I try to end the song with something that has to do with sleep. Sometimes I come up with a really good one and I tell myself that I will remember it, but most of the time it makes no sense and I am sure the Dell guys was trying to NOT laugh out loud, but hey I wasn't going to turn him away because its nap time and Blythe bed just happens to be in the closet next to the wall that is shared with the computer room.

The Dell guy heard something like this:

Hush little baby don’t you cry momma’s gonna sing you a lullaby
and if that lullaby don’t rime mamas gonna buy you a golden chime
and if that chime don’t cost a dime momma’s gonna buy you a box of slime
and if that slime comes in a stack of nine them mamma don’t wanna hear you wine
and if you wine just one more time momma’s gonna say it time
and if momma says it time then you are gonna lay down your spine.

Feel free to laugh, I know its comical, but hey she likes it!

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