Mamo's version of Amelie's birthstory

Amelie’s arrival from Mamo’s side of the story

I arrived at the Wilkes house just in time to go to the Ball’s house for pre Trick or Treat drinks and appetizers.  We all headed out for an extended 3 mile walk of Treating – with To Go Cups.  Monica commented that wouldn’t it be nice if all this walking brings on baby #3.  We left Dawn & Stan’s house around 10:30PM.  Blythe & Jericho talked to Ladi & Papa on our way home.

Got the girls to bed, Monica said I’m done going to bed.  I settled into bed about 11:35PM.  Didn’t really feel like I had gone to sleep when the light came on in the back room.  Thought hhmm someone can’t sleep – light goes off.  Settle back.  Light comes on again & someone in the closet (1:19AM) – I sit up and say what’s wrong/what’s going on – Jason turns to me and says I think we are going to the hospital soon (he is getting the tripod out of the closet). I say oh shit are you serious!  Jason waves and shushes me.  Well I want to run out and check on Monica but I know they want to labor at home as long as they can so I stay put and text Jalyn – no answer.

Maybe 10 minutes later Jason comes and says do you want to say goodbye before we leave.  Of course.  Hurry to their bedroom and ask when did this start.  Monica said I started timing the contractions at 11:15PM.

They leave at 1:35AM.  So I pace for awhile and decide I should try to get some sleep as this will probably take a few hours.  Turn of the lights get back in bed.

Phone rings at 2:13AM – Jason, it’s a girl and we had her in the car.!  I’m asking is everyone OK – he’s laughing saying yes.  Well at this point I brew a pot of coffee – who can sleep with all this excitement..

To pass the time I attend to some accounting duties.  Text Monica about 4:25AM asking when their expected arrival time back home is & whether I should tell Blythe & Jericho when they get up or call & let them.  Nope we are loading up to come home.  Monica responds at 4:46 in the car - if you’re stir crazy you can put the couch back together.  Good idea, physical activity.

Amelie was home by 5:30 and we were skyping with Jim & Becky.

Jason went to bed & Monica tried but was awoken with noises of Amelie.  Monica, I and Amelie had some time together before Jericho got up.  Monica asked Jericho if her stomach looked smaller – Jericho, no.  Well look at what happened last night – when she saw Amelie her eyes got big – baby!  Up in the bed with us – a little confused but very excited.  Then Blythe wakes, groggy.  I tell her we have something to show you – she comes to the bedroom and then SEES the baby – huge smile.  Both confused as they asked for a boy.  When I told Jericho her name she just looked at me & I asked what would you name her & she said brother.

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