Hands down having a baby in the birth center (or the car) is WAY better than at the hospital.  I keep thinking about the craziness that would have ensued had we showed up with a baby born in the car at a hospital emergency wing.  They probably would have whisked Amelie away immediately upon arrival and freaked out that they had no vitals on her and assumed she was born in the least sterile environment possible.  As for me, who knows, I guess they would have taken my vitals seen that I was fine and then sent Jason and I to the psych ward...  BUT as it turns out going to the birth center was excellent, Alisa, the midwife was totally calm and allowed us to run the show.  We spend the first hour in awe of how Amelie decided to come into the world, doing skin to skin, and nursing.  Once we were ready Alisa brought in the scale, weighed Amelie, and did all the newborn screening at the end of the bed.  Then we hit our 2 hour time requirement and we were on our way home.  We had Amelie just before 2am and by 4:30am we were back home and sleeping in our own bed, no nurses kneeding the belly, waking you up for blood pressure, temperature, and to find out how the baby is nursing, just us, our new family of 5. 

Then about 7am two very unsuspecting big sisters came into the room and had the excitement of their life, a little baby sister waiting to meet them.  The meeting between the three of them was something I will never forget.  Jericho woke up first and I asked her if my belly looked different and she said, "no."  I lifted her into the guest bed and asked her what that was and she said, "it's a baby, but not the baby from your tummy."  I corrected her, "no this is the baby from my tummy, she came out!"  Jericho was grinning from ear to ear and could not get enough of Amelie.  She wanted to hold her and unwrap her and examine her from head to toe.  About 20 minutes later Blythe woke up and came in and I asked her the same question and she said, "yes your tummy is smaller."  Then she saw the baby on the bed and her entire face lit-up with excitement, she just couldn't believe it.  She too wanted to hold Amelie and examine her from head to toe, including getting BAB to see how baby Amelie compared, size-wise, to BAB.  When I first told Blythe Amelie was a girl she looked at me and said, "why is it a girl."  I reminded her that we didn't know what we were having and that God decides what we have and she was just guessing we were having a boy, but it was a girl.  That explanation must have been enough for both of them because I haven't had that question again.  I love that the girls got to meet Amelie first thing that morning and the 'I just woke up' faces they have combined with big, surprised grins is just awesome! 

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  1. Monica, first, congrats on your new baby girl! You are one strong woman, having a baby in a car :) so glad to hear about your midwife experience, I'd like to do that next time! Enjoy the holidays as your new family of five!!