Dr's Appointment

Yesterday we had a Dr.'s appointment and I am still 1/2 centimeter dilated, but 50% softening and the doctor said the head is way down.  He predicts that the baby will be born right around the due date.  There were 2 couples ahead of us in our Bradley class and the second couple had their baby on Monday (8 days early).  They successfully made it all natural!  So we are next in line which means this baby really is coming soon.  We have started to pack our bags, but have found it is hard to know what we will want in the hospital.  

So far I have had a really blessed pregnancy and it's still good, but I have started to swell a little bit.  My blood pressure was still great and they said my weight gain was good, but man I didnt like those numbers (water retention and swelling made me increase more than 1 pound in a week), but I am taking this to be a sign that the baby is almost here!  

It won't be long before we find out whether we have a girl or boy baby W.  For those of you who got in on the baby betting and chose close to the due date, things are looking good for you!

 Belly at 37 weeks, thanks to Aunt Melinda!

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