Where is Baby?

So I have tried to convince myself all along that I would be late so I wouldn't feel let down to not have a baby by the due date.  Well all was going fine until TODAY.  Jason and I were supposed to be the 3rd couple in our Bradley group to have a baby and the couple that was due 2 weeks behind us just had their baby.  Which deserves a HUGE congratulations to them and their beautiful baby girl!  The good news is that the Bradley method is really paying off with 3/4 couples making it all natural!  So this should be a big boost for Jason and I, but that also means the pressure is on.  We were going to bring the score to 75% and now we are at the rear to bring it in for 100%.  

While I know that 4 couples is a small sample size I can't help but think that since the average timing of when a baby is born is 41 1/7th weeks and we have had one baby that was 4 days late, one baby 8 days early, and now 1 baby 2 weeks early, I would have to be really LATE to make that average work.  I am now very eager to see what the doctor says at my Thursday appointment; hopefully he will say "any day now," and not "see you next week."  I know that even they don't know when the baby will be born and it’s in God's hands, which is great, but the thought of going the dreaded 2 weeks past the due date and having to be induced is NOT appealing.  

So although the 4 mile walk on Sunday didn't bring Baby W out, I am going to see if mowing the lawn and cleaning the house will work!  I'll keep you posted.

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