Fever Of Unknown Origni (FOUO)

So we have had our first little hiccup in this pregnancy.  While at work on Thursday I noticed that I was pretty chili, but when I asked my office mates they claimed that they were chili as well.  As the day progressed I noticed that I was having chili' and my face was looking flushed.  At 2:30 I decided that I should go home and take my temperature.  Sure enough when I got home I had a temperature of 100 something (can't remember exactly).  I called the dr.'s office and thought that a nurse would call me right back.  2 hours later Jason came  home and I had fallen asleep and no one called me back.  I called the Dr.'s office again and they said that all the nurses were busy.  It was 4:45pm and I told Jason that I wanted to try and make it up to the Dr.'s office before 5pm.  My temperature was steadily increasing and while I know that Tylenol is "approved," I also know that no drugs are better so I wanted the Dr. to tell me to take Tylenol before taking it.  We arrived at the Dr.'s office just in the nick of time and saw a nurse at first and then we got to see our Dr.  He said that he wouldn't be concerned if I was running a temperature because of a virus, but he was concerned that I wasn't having any other symptoms.  He checked the babies heart beat and the tenderness of my belly and everything checked out. He told me to go home, take Tylenol, rest and relax and call in the morning to report how I was feeling.  He said that he suspected I had a virus and would have more symptoms the next day and this would make him feel better because then he would know the source of the temperature.  He said if my temperature got over 101 then we should head to St. Joseph's for a full work up just to make sure everything was fine.

We came home, took Tylenol and that made the fever go down.  I woke up several times during the night with the chill's and the fever had returned, always going away with Tylenol.  The last dose of Tylenol I had was at 4am and I woke up feeling good, no symptoms of a virus and no temperature.  I called the Dr.'s office to report that I didn't have any signs of a virus and my temperature was gone as of 4am.  Unfortunately, at noon I had the chills again and my fever had returned.  I took more Tylenol and that reduced the fever, but I was concerned that the source of the fever was still there so I called the Dr.'s office to give a new report.  After the nurse talked to Dr. Sanders she asked us to come in for a non-stress test.  Dr. Sanders wanted to do some precautionary tests before the weekend.  The non-stress test is the same "strip" they run in the hospital to monitor the baby’s heart beat and to see if you are having contractions.  The baby’s heart beat was slightly elevated, but nothing to be alarmed about because it is common for a baby’s heart beat to be increased when mother isn't feeling well.  He also took a blood and urine sample.  He also did an ultra sound just to make sure my bag of waters had not ruptured.  The concern he has is that the infection is in/around the baby which would not be good and would mean immediate removal of baby (aka. C-section).  What he found and measured on the ultra sound all looked good so he said he said we had 3 options:
1) continue to take Tylenol as directed and if you start to feel worse go to the hospital for a full work up
2) go ahead and go into the hospital and get a full work up
3) baby is full term so if we are really worried he can go ahead an induce, but this will most likely lead to a c-section because I will be closely monitored and any slight unusual circumstance will lead to a C-section.  He said that he knew this is not what we wanted and he did not think this was necessary.  He said of course the goal is Healthy Baby no matter what, and we agree.

Since the doctor seemed confident with us not going into the hospital and said that he would call us with the results from the lab work we decided to go home for more rest and relaxation.  We heard from Dr. Sanders at 9pm and he said that the blood and urine test (he was looking for bacteria) all looked normal and there was nothing alarming.  He said to continue to watch it and as long as I am getting better instead of worse he wasn't concerned.  He said we should go back to the Dr.'s office on Monday just to check-in.

Last night I went to bed without a fever, but did wake up during the night with the chills, but me temperature never got over 99 so we just took one Tylenol tablet instead of 2.  Since taking that dose of Tylenol at 2am I have not had a temperature and it’s now 7:15pm, I hope this means that I will feel better tomorrow and all the worry is gone.  

Please keep our family in your prayers for a reduction of fever and a healthy baby and birth.  Baby W should be making his/her appearance any day now!

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