BOO and Boo Hoo

The day before Halloween my office had its annual Halloween potluck with all our international students. Jason and I decided to be "lazy" about our costumes and decided to go as a soccer player and a soccer coach. Blythe still went as an adorable leopard.

On Saturday, Halloween Day, we went as our originally intended characters. Blythe was a leopard, I was a Black Panther, and Jason was a Hunter.

The neighbors had a Halloween/Dance Party. They hook up a projector outside and we youtube random music videos and attempt to dance along, I will see if I can get a video uploaded. Jason perhaps had one too many cocktails and got a little ahead of himself. He was busting out to a Brittany spears video and decided to do a back flip after one of the dancers did one.....Jason 'forgot' he was wearing very heavy boots, hadn't done a flip in a year or two, and was under the influence. Needless to say he had a very hard and abrupt meeting with the concrete. Should I post pictures of the aftermath???

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