Already the 'second' child

This poor baby is only 8 weeks old and is already suffering from 'second' child syndrome.

  • We announced we were expecting Blythe on Christmas eve surrounded by family and friends and a bottle of champagne
  • Baby #2 get the oh so exciting announcement via test in the TRASH can courteous of Becky. Luckily I got to tell my mom and sister, but I was NOT expecting Becky to be going through the trash at my moms house! (o.k. so really the test was just sitting in the trash can in plain open site, but that version isn't nearly as good).
  • During our first ultrasound with Blythe Jason was so excited that he 'felt like he was going to pass out'
  • During our first ultrasound with Baby #2 Jason was not present because when we arrived at the doctors office he noticed that there was a huge nail in the tire and air was leaking so he said "I either need to take care of this right now or we will be replacing a flat after the appointment."

Being the second child myself I always swore I would treat all my kids the same, regardless of where they are in the order. But hey these are all life occurrences that are out of my control..right??

I WILL write on Baby W #2's calendar every day for the first year like I did for Blythe! Now y'all make sure and hold me to that!


  1. Haha My mom did the same to us! My calendar for my first year was filled out everyday! Poor Rosie didn't even have one. I loved reading mine and I know they both will enjoy it!!

  2. wait, did i miss something?! i didn't know you guys were expecting #2! Congratulations!! that's so exciting!!

  3. hahaha, this post is so funny. I feel like there's been a lot less hype about baby 2, but maybe that's because I'm in Indiana. So are you done with work? congrats. I'm happy for yall and your growing family. :D

  4. not done with work till baby #2 makes his/her apperance.