Day #2 and 3 in Cuenca

We left Guayaquil at 9:30and headed to Cuenca. Cuenca was a good 4 hours drive (we aren't talking a typical US 4 hour car drive we are talking mostly un-paved roads, huge pot holes and frequent stops for constructions. Pretty much every street is under construction at some point) and I was really impressed with how well Blythe did. She was either happy or sleeping which was great because she is not usually a very good car rider. We had planned to go to Ingapierca to the Inca ruins, but by the time we got to Cuenca (2:30, checked into the hotel, and ate lunch it was 4:15pm which was too late. It is not safe to be coming back from Ingapierca in the dark. So we spend the rest of the evening walking the streets of Cuenca and eating Helato (ice cream). Cuenca is a medium sized town, but very nice and a lot safer than Guayaquil. Our guide even left us to walk around on our own and we were out after dark (just as a comparison to Guayaquil).

The room we had in Cuenca was on the main hall way of the hotel which was not good for light or noise. Blythe slept horribly, pretty much up from midnight to 4am and we had to be up by 6:30am to get in the car by 7am.

We loaded up and headed to Ingapierca at 7am. The driver and guide had told us it was a 45min - 1 hour drive and it ended up being every bit of 2.5 hours. The roads were bad and windy, not good for those who get motion sickness easily. The hardest part to swallow about the long drive was the fact that we would have to take this SAME route the next day to get to Banos, but the driver and guide did not think it was safe for us to go to inguapierca with our luggage on the top. I can't really say much about the Ingua reuins because Blythe was having too much fun with the rocks and the llamas so I spend most of the tour with her and the rocks and not hearing the history, BUT once your a mom its all about having a happy baby, right??

We got back to Cuenca about 4pm and booked it to a museum that Becky wanted to see. We arrived there at 4:45pm and found out that it closed at 5pm because of the electricity outages. They have mandatory electricity shut off on Mondays at certain hours so we didn't get to go to the museum. Instead we took Blythe to a park to play around and then had dinner. Oh and we had another HORRIFIC night, 2 nights, not sleep, here goes day #4

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