Travel Day and Day 1 in Guayaquil

Blythe was a rock star on the plane ride. She slept the entire trip from DFW to Miami. Our plan was over an hour late getting into Miami and we literally had to RUN to catch our connecting flight. The plane was waiting for us and we were the last ones to board. Blythe was awake for the 4 hour flight from Miami to Guayaquil, but that was excellent because then she was good and tired for the evening. We arrive din Guayaquil at 11:30 and of course as we suspected our luggage didn't make it. It took a fair amount of time for us to report our lost luggage and Blythe finally zonked out in the stroller about midnight (11pm Texas time). She was SO exhausted that she didn't wake up as we got into the car (no car seat, it was checked), and then into the hotel. She didn't even wake up for a before bedtime feeding and if you know Blythe you know she doesn't miss a feeding! Guayaquil is the most dangerous city we are visiting and we had a police escort our van to the hotel. According to Wilman (our guide) even the locals have a police escort because of the high crime rate targeted at people who have just left the airport.

Our first day in Guayaquil was HOT and we were all in pants and long sleeves. We hit up the first clothing shop we could find and all purchased a short sleeved shirt. We spent the day walking around the city with Wilman. We took an hour long boat ride for lunch and it was nice and relaxing. We ate Octopus among other fish and it was really tasty. Wilman advised us not to give it to Blythe so she didn't get a taste. Blythe has mainly eaten bread, but we did have avocado for dinner last night and she ate quite a bit of it.

I better sign off and go pack our bags, we are scheduled to leave for Cuenca in 20 minutes.

P.S. no time to re-read or edit and the keyboard is slightly different so excuse the type-

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