We Can Only Go Up From Here......

There's nothing like starting out a vacation feeling like you have been hit by a freight train. Lat night was the WORST night we have had with Blythe since her birth. At 9:00pm I decided it was time to head to bed in hopes of getting a good night sleep the night before our departure. The grandparents and aunts and uncles would just have to wait until tomorrow to see Blythe (they were still at Byron's band concert). I decided to turn on Blythe's Enya music since the house would probably be less than quiet once everyone arrived home. Blythe and I were sleeping soundly until midnight. Jason decided he wanted to turn Blythe's music down, which was located right by her bed, and while thumbing around to find the volume and eventually turning the music off Blyhe woke up. O.K. minor hiccup lay her back down, cover her up, and say night, night, just like any other night, right??? WRONG. Blythe was UPSET and we aren't just talking whining or a few cries here or there, we are talking all out screaming. Jason decides to put her in the bed for a few minutes to calm her down, BIG mistake. Once he decides she was calmed down and put her back in the pack 'n play she was having NOTHING to do with it. Jason and I tag teamed the next 3 hours with rocking, walking, eating, drinking, and out of desperation we put her in the closet to see if she would cry it out quickly and pass out from exhaustion..no luck. Blythe was happy as a clam as long as you were not trying to get her to go to sleep and there was a light on, but hello it was the wee hours of the night and it wasn't fair to the other members of the household for her to keep them awake (her screams would have kept an entire hotel awake).

Finally at 3am I decided I would try to nurse Blythe one last time in the rocking chair/recliner and just sleep with here there. Well I lucked out and Blythe finally fell asleep around 3:15am, but the recliner was broke and I couldn't make it recline. I stayed there for as long as I could in hopes that she was good and out. I then very slowly crept my way back into bed (Blythe popped her head up, but I was able to pat her back). I layed in the bed with her sprawled across me until 4:30am. At this point her sleeping and me not sleeping, but possible dosing in and out was better than the prospect of her screaming anymore. Finally at 4:30am I decided she had to be out enough for me to roll off me, luckily she stayed asleep, but only until 7AM!

PLEASE tell me that she has this out of her system (I have NO idea what last night was about and I can't imagine going through that at a hotel).

Ecuador Day #1 - please be better than yesterday.

P.S. she is napping in the pack 'n play so hopefully this a good sign.

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