14 Week Appt.

We returned to College Station on Saturday evening and we had an appointment to check on Baby W #2 on Monday. My mom came into town to return Luke so she was able to stay with Blythe, while she was napping, while Jason and I went to the appointment. We heard the baby's heartbeat for the first time and it was strong and fast! Just for memory sake I should say that it felt like the doctor had the heart beat thing on my stomach for quite a while before he found the heart beat. Jason and I both said that we were about to ask a question when he pointed it way down and then ta da loud and strong. The doctor made the comment that the baby was still really far down, but there is nothing wrong with that. I also lost 4 pounds from the 10 week appointment, but I think that is due to the traitorous sickness we had before Ecuador and all of our activity while in Ecuador. Watch I will have gained 8 pounds by the 18 week appointment.

Our next appointment is the 'BIG' 18 week sonogram, but not so 'BIG' for us because we are going to wait and let the gender be a surprise, but we will get to see the little one in motion and count fingers, toes, etc. We have that appointment on February 5th so look for an update then.

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  1. oooh! this is so exciting! i can't believe how close your kids are going to be...they're going to be great friends. it's so exciting to see the baby, i didn't know we would be able to see everything so well. can't wait to hear about yours!