Day 6 in Papallacta

Talk about a CHANGE of scenery! We went from roughing it to living the high life. Papallacta was pretty much a resting/recovering point from the jungle. It was Christmas Eve after all. Right outside of out hotel room were hot tubs of different temperatures just waiting for us to enjoy. We all immediately got into them and it was so WARM and relaxing, remember those stone cold showers we took in the jungle?? After indulging in the hot tubs we all cleaned up and headed to Christmas eve dinner.

Once we arrived in Papallacta Rachel and I noticed a spa along the side of the road and we immediately told the driver he could go ahead and drop up off. Of course that didn't happen, but we joked that we could always walk back. At the time we didn't know what lie ahead, with the hot tubs, hot springs, and even a spa on the property. The Christmas we were in Spain we all bought gift to exchange white elephant style on Christmas day, but we had not had the opportunity in Ecuador since we have pretty much all been together, for safety, since we arrived. Instead the Wilkes decided that we should all pick a spa treatment for Christmas day insteaad of the exchange, WHOO HOO. Jason and I both opted for the 60 minutes full body massage and it was fabulous.

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