Teeth, Teeth, and More Teeth

I am sure you remember that Jason and I endured a couple of less than pleasant, lack of sleep nights during our Ecuador trip. Well by the time we got home and thought to look in the way back of Blythe's mouth we noticed 4 MOLARS. Perhaps Blythe was teething during those nights where she was happy to be distracted and furious to be attempting to sleep. So total she has her 4 top in a row and then 2 molars on each top side and then on the bottom she has the 4 in a row in the center. Well she is also working on #5 and 6 in a row on the bottom AND bottom MOLARS.

I guess they got the best of her last night when she woke up at 2:30am and was not wanting to go back to bed. After she wrestled around unhappily for an hour, at ice, and used the teething ring we gave her Tylenol and I sent her and Jason into the living room (For some reason I HATE giving her Tylenol, I guess I feel like I am drugging her so I always wait till I know that she is hurting instead of doing it first off, I am sure this frustrates Jason). I KNEW that Jason and Blythe would be able to sleep in, but momma has to go to work :(. Of course I didn't really go to sleep until Jason attempted to put her back to bed at 4:30am and she still wasn't too happy so I ended up nursing and rocking her and that worked till about 7:30am.

Here's to hoping the teeth break through and we have a full night of sleep tonight!

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  1. Hey! I saw you on BCS Moms and noticed our kids are close in age. Rhys has been screaming out hysterically at night the past 2 nights. He's out with the grandparents right now, but I am interested to see if it's teething! I hadn't even thought of that! :) Hope she has started sleeping better for all of your sakes!