On any given day I can look over my left shoulder and see an array of thing, cars, trucks, 18 wheelers, college kids on foot, bike, scooter, etc, but today, today I see big white snowflakes. It is just pouring with snow; snow in College Station, in February. The once brownish/green grass is quickly turning into a white blanket. The worst part is that my sweet little Blythe is not with me to enjoy this moment, to throw on a warm coat, a hat, and stand outside and just enjoy this rare moment. Its moments like these that make me yearn all the more to be a stay at home mom. Moments like this when I am missing out on a great ‘moment’ with my little one, stuck in an office, in front of a computer, but hey at least I have a really large window, right?

Here’s to hoping that the snow continues to fall long enough for me to pick up my sweet baby and enjoy the moment. Oh my neck and eyes hurt from straining to turn around, I think I will give into watching the snow and throw away these last 30 minutes at work, hey it’s not every day that you can sit and watch snow fall out your office window, now is it?

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