To say Blythe is persistent is an understatement, but I am too tired to search for the perfect word. Not only is she persistent, but she is independent and wont have it any other way. Until today she was o.k. with the fact that she needed help going tee tee in the grass and accepted that squatting was not usually a skill one has at the age two-and-a-half, but today that all went out the window. We were at the park with the Romansky's and Mike was able to go tee tee in the grass all by himself so Blythe decided that she needed to figure it out. Of course she decides to do this right as I was sitting down to nurse Jericho, luckily we were the only ones at the park, and I was curious how she planned to make all of this happen. At first she tried to do it like Mike does, but quickly realizes she was missing some hardware, then she tries to squat and decides that isn't going to work either because she is going to get tee tee on her clothes, so what does smart girl do? She takes off her panties and skirt and squats, very successful I might add, and proudly turns toward me and says "see mom I tee tee in the grass ALL by myself." I was CRACKING.UP.THE. ENTIRE. TIME. To see her little mind going around in circles and trying to decide exactly how she could accomplish this goal she had, and how the heck did she have the forethought of where the tee tee would land? Honestly, I thought we would be going home with wet undies and skirt, momma never thought she would realize squatting on her own would get her clothes wet.... Clearly I need to up my expectations. Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE my new job? Oh the places we will go and the adventures we will have.

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