Going to Work

We had a pretty low-key weekend. Jason was nursing a stomach bug, complete with a mattress on the living room floor and a continues round of movies from sun up to sun down. The house felt like an infirmary, with the floating 'hospital' bed and the curtains drawn, so those of us who were well had to escape. Blythe and I went on a date to the park. She was SO excited to go on a date with mom because she knows all about dates, but usually that is Jason and I going out on a date while she gets to stay home and play with Ms. Erin, so she was happy to be the dater.

We also escaped one afternoon to see if we could score any deals out on the town. We found some great $5 shirts and I scored some really cute $25 shoes that I will have to get a picture of to do them justice. Blythe scored a $2 "Love Stinks" t-shirts, a few pairs of pants to tuck away until next winter, and a $10 Easter dress.

We geared up to kick off lint this evening with the 40 Days For Lifee kick-off. I am down to just a few hours left before deciding what I need to give up or add in to celebrate this Lenten season and I also need to come up with something to do with Blythe so she can participate.

Why is it that when I finally find the time to sit down and write a blog post I am at a complete blank of each of the funny stories, words, events that have happened?

This morning as Jason was about to walk out the door Blythe came running towards the door still in her jammies, but with her backpack on yelling "I need to go to work too."




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