Christmas Day 2007

2:30am - we finally turn in and attempt to sleep after all of the excitement.  
4:30am - I woke up starving, I thought if I laid there I would fall back asleep 
5:00am - WRONG still starving, I thought about waking Jason up for his first "mid night craving," but spared him since he had a bad night of sleep the night before.  I broke down and got a banana and was then able to fall asleep.

We went to my dad's house for Christmas morning with Joe, Debbie, Julie, Philip, William, and Andrew.  After all the presents were open I told my dad "You cant open your last present for another 8 1/2 / 9 months.  He was not surprised, in fact he said that he had a premonition that we were going to announce our pregnancy at Christmas.  We then went to Grandma G's and Granddaddy Dick's.  Everyone was standing around and Debbie said "your should share your news," and I said "oh, I thought you might want to," and then Kristie said "are you pregnant?"  Kristie gets the prize!  

Jason and I are excited and looking forward to the pregnancy journey :)

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