Christmas Eve 2007

Jason and I suspected we were pregnant so we went to the grocery store to purchase a pregnancy test so we could take it on Christmas morning and see if Santa had brought us a baby. Of course we convinced ourselves on the way home that we might as well go ahead and take one right away. We took one and sure enough we had 2 pink lines = pregnant. We were ecstatic, but we wanted to wait to spill the beans so we went separate directions so we wouldn't give it away.

We went to Christmas mass with the Wilkes at 6pm and spent most of the time thanking God for this amazing blessing and planning how and when we were going to tell. Mr. Wilkes planned to open a bottle of Don Perignon for Christmas eve dinner so Jason thought that this would be a great time for us to share our exciting news. As soon as we returned home from mass we decided that we better take another test just to double check. The second check came back positive as well, so we were ready to tell. The toast was with dessert so we had to sit through dinner looking "normal." It was finally time to toast and Jason and Becky thought that everyone should go around and toast to something. Jason struggled to rig the toast so he could be last, but in the end he did. Everyone went around and said their toast and then it was our turn. Jason stood up and said, "I would like to thank god for the baby... (to which Tom immediately said 'no way')...that he gave the world. And for the baby... that we learned about today." My mom and dad both missed it. Shortly, due to the excitement, it hit my mom. She had a 'no way' look on her face, the exclaimed her excitement. About a minute later, when my mom was hugging Monica and I, my dad says "are you kidding!?" When I said that we were not. He got really excited as well. ****One set of parents down, 2 to go

I called my mom and she didn't answer, BUT she called right back and I said "Merry Christmas Momo." and mom immediately responded "are you expecting?" I knew that she wanted to be called Momo so she knew exactly what I was calling to say.

By this time it was 11pm so we would wait to tell the next set of Grandparents until tomorrow morning.

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