First Appointment

The doctors office called today to schedule our first appointment.  On January 15th we will get to see the baby and hear the babies heart beat for the first time.  So far the only symptom I have is tiredness.  I have enjoyed napping and going to bed early.  The nurse said that most people start to get morning sickness during their 6th week.  I will be into my 7th week on Friday the 4th and so far so good.  The nurse said that if I make it to 8 weeks without morning sickness I am one of the lucky ones and will probably not have that symptom.    The nurse also said that I will most likely be able to run in the marathon since I am at the end of my training and it will be early on in my pregnancy.  I will confirm that at our January 15th appointment.   Thanks to all that are praying for a happy healthy baby W and pregnancy!

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