Another Growth Spurt?

According to La Leche League babies go through growth spurts at 2, 4, 8 (doubles) weeks.  At about a week and a half Blythe had a few days where she was eating non stop.  Yesterday, this began again.  Jason Keene and Zane came to visit and Blythe bascially ate from 3-7pm.  She crashed at 7pm which should have meant that I went to bed to, but we were at the neighbors watching the Cowboys.  Blythe slept from 7-10:15pm, ate, then slept again from 11-2:40am, but then was up every hour.  Although this doesn't sound like great sleep it is an improvement from the last 2 nights.  The last 2 nights she had slept for one 4 hour duration and then was up every hour.  I am hoping this is part of the growth spurt and we will be back to our 3-3.5 hour sleeping intervals (or longer) before long.

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