Some of Blythe's Favorite Things

Even though Blythe is only 10 days old she already has some favorites:

1) Hanging out on the Lamb skin that mom used as a baby:

2) Taking Naps with Daddy:

3) Kisses from Mommy:

4) The Changing Table (she loves to kick her legs and check herself out in the mirror):

5) Hanging out in the Bouncer:

And then there are some things that Mommy and Daddy Make Blythe do that aren't exactly "favorites"

1) Tummy Time with Daddy:

2) Being Dressed Up (Check out the cute hat Tia Rachel made):

I think Blythe might be going through a growth spurt today because she has been eating more frequently. We were told babies usually go through a growth spurt at 2 and 6 weeks, but maybe she is getting a head start. We had our first "fussy" spell today. We went for a walk till about 10am and then Blythe slept till noon, but my body was saying it was time for her to eat and it has been a solid 4 hours so we tried to wake her to get her to eat. This was not successful because she kept falling asleep, but if I would take her off to sleep she would wake up and be upset. Fortunately Aunt Melinda and Casey came by to visit and finally got her to wake up and she realized she was hungry (this was about 2:30). Since then Blythe has been eating and sleeping and being sweet, too bad we couldn't show our normal sweet self to our visitors!

Hormones: I had intended on writing this entry a few days ago, but didn't get around to it so I am inserting it here. A lot of people talk about the crazy hormones women have after delivery. Up till Monday I had not experienced any of these "hormones." Monday morning as I was un-swaddling Blythe for her morning feeding I just started crying, just seeing the amazing baby god has blessed us with and the thought of this sweet little baby growing up so fast brought tears to my eyes. A few hours later I was changing Blythe on the changing table and she was a little fussy from the cold and Jason jokingly said "is that baby giving you a hard time, do I need to spank her?" My eyes instantly filled with tears, but I didn't want Jason to see me cry so I tried to choke it up and replied "Don't spank my baby," of course I couldn't fool him and as soon as he looked at me I started balling, no reason just Hormones I suppose, especially since I am normally not a crier. Later in the day we ran a few errands and we went just a little too long and Blythe was hungry. We were on our way home and figured she would fall asleep and then I could feed her as soon as I got home, but we kept on hitting red lights so she was not falling asleep and all the sudden she really started crying hard, this made me cry as well. Jason looked into the rear view mirror and said "I will pull over at this park right here and you can feed her." Last, but not least Jalyn came back to visit that evening and made the comment "She has already grown," which made the tears flow again. Luckily that seemed to be a one day thing as I have been "sane" since. I assume these are the same hormones that allow me to be woken up during the night and be happy to feed my baby and allow me to no longer need a full 8 hours of sleep per night to function during the day.

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