Contra Dancing

This past weekend we packed up and headed to Austin to attend a dance party with Nathan and Caitlin. Contra dancing is a lot like square dancing so Jason and I were familiar with lots of the moves because the ELI has a square dance party each semester. Jason put Blythe in the baby pouch and danced with her, she was laughing and giggling. Unfortunately we were all dancing and having such a great time that we didn't get a picture :(.

Not only was this Blythe's first dance party, but it was also her first "camping" trip. Jason and I pitched a tent in Nathan's backyard. The rain, lack of breeze, roosters, and hens really made it feel like we were camping and not just in the backyard.

On Saturday morning we left Blythe napping with Great Grandpa Behrens and the rest of us rode our bikes to the market in downtown Austin:
Blythe is really on the move now, we need to get a new video so you all can see how talented our little lady has become. Now that she is actively crawling everywhere she can get to all kinds of things to pull up on. She is also clapping and LOVES shoes. You will see Blythe crawling the fastest when someone has abandoned their shoes and she gets a glimpse of them. She makes a bee line to the shoes and instantly wants to suck on the soles of the shoes, YUCK!. No we don't let her chew on the shoes (for long :)).

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