Sew Mama Sew

Several of you saw my post on Facebook that I was turning old shirts into reusable grocery bags and wanted to see the finished product. I would love to say that I had this idea all on my own, but I got the idea here. There were several steps on there that I didnt like so I basically read through hers and then did some of my own....Here it is

1) Cut out the sleeves and neck

2) Make about a one inch fold on each side (at bottom) to create a pleat for a more reinforced corner
3) Pin your corner fold and the bottom hem together (unless you are talented enough to free hand it!)

4) at the center of the neck line measure down 3-4 inches and make a dot
5) From the start of each sleeve measure down 5-6 inches and make a dot
6) Connect your dots to create a W shape - see neck line in above picture
7) Cut out your W - this makes tabs like you see on plastic bags

8) Sew 2 "straight" lines below the bottom hem of the shirt

9) Get your husband to model your end product!

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