Pulling Up and Walking

Yesterday Blythe officially pulled herself up with no assistance. Jason has her sitting in the laundry basket (she likes to sit in there) and the next thing he knew she was standing. I hadn't left for work yet and I was a little skeptical that is was completely unassisted, but she decide to show off for mommy too! She has pulled herself up when we give her our thumbs and even though we don't think we are assisting her we might have been, but this was ALL Blythe.

Yesterday Blythe and I went to wish Maddie a happy 2 weeks. While we were there Blythe did not want to sit, she wanted to stand and walk. She has been working on getting one foot in front of the other (thanks to the walker daddy made) she has figured it out. She walked (with her hands being held) from one side of Jennifer's house to the other. I was very impressed and thought "that must be like a baby marathon!"

No crawling yet, but each day I think we get a little bit closer......

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