This year we spent Easter at the ranch with Momo, Jalyn, Larry, Tom, Jen, and Heidi. No Easter is complete without dying eggs

After dying eggs Jason and Blythe fed apples to the horse:

And checked on the Cows we are fattening up to take to the slaughter house:

What Holiday would be complete with a photo shoot with Blythe?

After Easter Lunch it was time for the Egg Hunt:

On Sunday Mom and Dad went for a ride on the horse:

All the excitement on the ranch wore Blythe out and she slept the entire way home:

Once we got home Jason assembled the Red Wagon and Blythe had to show off:

(we tried to tell her that this was a riding toy and not a standing toy).


  1. I feel like I'm always saying this, but Blythe is one cutie. Glad you guys had a fun Easter. It seems like it'd be fun to be able to do all the neat little kid activities

  2. Very cute! What a fun Easter. Glad you were able to get her pulling up on tape!

    - Jen C.